Spectra vs Elvie Breast Pumps – Which One is Best?

spectra and elvie comparison

If you’re pumping on a regular basis, you want a reliable and easy-to-use breast pump. Breastfeeding moms may find themselves comparing Spectra vs Elvie breast pumps. Deciding which one is best for you depends on the features both brands offer. 

Spectra offers more electric breast pumps, with five in their range compared to two Elvie models. Elvie breast pumps use smart technology and are wearable whereas Spectra models aren’t as portable although both brands have rechargeable batteries. Spectra breast pumps are cheaper.

Spectra vs Elvie pumps compared – differences and similarities

When comparing Spectra and Elvie breast pumps, one HUGE difference stands out! Spectra offers you a choice of five different types of breast pumps compared to the three offered by Elvie. All five of the Spectra breast pumps are electric while only two of the Elvie models offer this feature. 

Available Spectra pumps:

Available Elvie pumps:

  • Elvie Pump: Electric wearable smart breast pump (available in single and double)
  • Elvie Stride: Electric breast pump (only available in the U.S and can be covered by most medical insurance)
  • Elvie Curve: Natural suction, manual silicone breast pump (for low-expression)


If you’re looking for a portable breast pump, both Spectra and Elvie can help you. Spectra S1 Plus has a rechargeable battery for those days you can’t plug into an electrical source. The brand’s 9 Plus is also portable. Elvie Pump, Elvie Stride, and Elvie Curve are portable. 

When looking for a great travel breast pump, there are a number of brands to pick from including these two in this review. 

Rechargeable pumping time

Both the Spectra S1 and 9 Plus breast pumps give you up to two hours of pumping time when using the rechargeable option. The Elvie Pump gives you up to 2.5 hours of pumping time

External cords and tubing

The Spectra models are designed with external cords and tubing. Mothers using the Spectra breast pumps often complain about being tethered to the wall while pumping! The Elvie Pump wins hands down for being wearable, fitting neatly into your bra, and completely free of wires and tubes. The Elvie Stride has two tubes for the cups and one tube for the hub. 


The Spectra breast pumps have powerful, adjustable suction modes getting more milk during a pumping session. It offers 12 different levels. For mothers who are exclusively pumping, the Spectra breast pumps’ powerful suction features make them a good choice.

The Elvie breast pump offers seven different intensity settings for suction mode. The Elvie Stride comes with 20 different levels


The Elvie Pump is completely hands-free, with the bottle fitting into your bra. This means you can get on with pumping no matter where you are or what you’re doing. With the Spectra breast pumps, you can go hands-free but it’s recommended you remain stationary while pumping. 

When looking for bras for Elvie pumps, you’ll be delighted to discover you can use Elvie Pump with attractive pumping bras. 


Both Spectra and Elvie brands make claims their breast pumps are super silent making them discreet during pumping time. Based on my research in community forums, this seems to hold true for mothers using either of these breast pumps. 

Smart technology

The Elvie Pump and Elvie Stride use smart technology, through an app on your mobile, to operate the breast pump. This adds to the benefit of having a hands-free pumping experience. You can also use buttons on the pump itself to operate the various settings. 

The Spectra breast pumps require you to push buttons on the stand-alone machine for various settings such as on/off, adjustable suction modes, and a night light


The Elvie Pump only has five parts that need to be cleaned compared to more parts of the Spectra breast pumps. Some moms do find cleaning the slightly larger Spectra bottles easier compared to the smaller 5-ounce Elvie bottles

Ease of Use

The Elvie Pump and Elvie Curve are easy to use and assemble with no cords or wires to bother you. The Elvie Stride does have tubes for its cups and hub attachment which may add some time when assembling the pieces. The Spectra breast pumps do require more assembly time with various cords and tubes to fiddle with. 

Spectra pump review

Spectra - S1 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding - Convenient Breast Feeding Support

Based on my research, the Spectra S1 Plus rechargeable breast pump is one of the most popular models used by pumping moms. For this reason, I’ll be reviewing it in this article. 

However, it’s worth noting the Spectra S2 Plus is the next best option if you want a cheaper version of the S1 Plus. The Spectra S1 Plus has all the features of the S2 Plus and more. 


The Spectra S1 Plus can be used as a single or double breast pump. It includes an in-built rechargeable battery making it great for using when there’s no access to mains. It has a number of adjustable settings plus a night light

Other useful features include:

  • A timer
  • A hygienic closed system
  • Let down mode
  • Slow-flow teats for newborns

Why consider it

If you want a kit that includes everything for double pumping, Spectra S1 Plus is a good pick. The suction mode is powerful, getting more milk in one pumping session. It comes with a two-year warranty and is rated as a hospital-grade breast pump.

The Spectra S1 Plus is also a more affordable option if you’re comparing it to the Elvie Pump and most insurances will cover the bulk of its price. 


  • Works well for moms with twins
  • Auto-timer which switches off after 30 minutes
  • Lightweight


  • Night light drains battery very quickly
  • Made with cheaper materials
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Watch this video to find out how to use the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump.

Elvie pump review

Elvie Breast Pump - Double, Wearable Breast Pump with App - The Smallest, Quietest Electric Breast Pump - Portable Breast Pumps Hands Free & Discreet - Automated with Four Personalized Settings

You can pick between the Elvie Pump Single or Double set. I’m reviewing the Elvie Double Wearable Smart Breast Pump which is comparable to the Spectra S1 and S2 Plus. 


The Elvie Double Pump Kit comes with everything you need when pumping from both breasts at the same time. It’s silent and wearable, fitting discreetly into your bra. The breast pump is designed to be operated through wireless smart technology. All you have to do is download the app to your mobile. 

The in-house-app allows you to:

  • Monitor your milk volume in real-time
  • Track memory of each breast’s pumping capacity
  • Operate the pump remotely

Other useful features include:

  • Let down mode
  • Auto-pause when the bottle is full
  • Rechargeable via a micro-USB
  • Made with BPA-free materials

Why consider it

If you’re looking for double breast pumps that can be used anywhere, at any time, the Elvie Pump is a great solution. It’s portable, hands-free, and wearable while completely silent when in operation. The suction modes are adequate, giving you seven different levels to pick from. 

There are fewer parts to assemble and clean, making this breast pump a convenient model to use. And, if you like the idea of using smart technology, then you’ll like the wireless feature of this breast pump. 


  • Comes with 4 bottles
  • Long battery time
  • Comfortable to wear in standard and nursing bras


  • App can sometimes be faulty
  • Output not as good compared to Spectra S1 Plus
  • Expensive compared to other breast pump brands
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Watch this video which shows you how to use the Elvie Pump.

Is Elvie a hospital-grade pump?

The Elvie Pump doesn’t market itself as a hospital-grade breast pump. However, the Elvie Stride does mention that its breast pump is hospital-strength. This means it has up to -270mmHG suction power and 20 intensity settings

Is Spectra better than Elvie?

When comparing which one is between the two brands, Spectra is the winner with its hospital-grade feature, powerful suction modes, and price. 

When comparing Medela Sonata to Spectra S1 and S2 you’ll find more information about the popular Spectra breast pumps. 

If you’re looking for portability, wearability, and ease of use, the Elvie breast pumps win in these categories. And, as I believe in keeping parenting as simple as possible, Elvie Pump is my top pick in this review. It was also my top pick when I reviewed Willow versus Elvie versus Freeme breast pumps!

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