Baby Monitor to Crib Mounting Guide – Safety First

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A baby monitor has to be one of the most essential baby gear items every parent should have when there’s a baby in the house. Questions are often asked about how to install the monitor safely in the baby’s room. Here’s a baby monitor to crib mounting guide to get you started if you’re looking to install on your baby’s crib safely.

Safety is always paramount so I used my research skills to explore the different ways of installing the baby monitor in the nursery. I did discover there are some safety concerns about placing the monitor directly onto the crib. 

Read on to find out how you can safely mount a baby monitor to the crib if that’s your only option. I’ll also talk about the safety concerns and what other options you have to install the monitor’s camera while keeping your baby safe at all times.

What Are the Options of Mounting a Baby Monitor to the Crib?

You can use clip-on accessories, brackets and wrap-around cords. Most universal mounts use these functions if you want to mount directly onto the crib. The other option is to use 3M adhesive tape or mount the monitor with its built-in clip.

The benefit of using the above-mentioned accessories or the actual built-in clip on the monitor means you don’t have to drill into any furniture. Universal baby monitor mounts are designed to accommodate a range of baby monitor brands. 

The clip-on accessory is often the easiest way to mount the baby monitor onto your baby’s crib. They often include non-slip rubber lining to protect the furniture without leaving any unsightly marks when removed.

Some clip-on universal mounts have an extended arm, making it possible for you to adjust the height and angle. This allows you to position the camera in such a way you get a full view of the crib and your baby.

The other advantage of using the clip-on accessory or the built-in clip is you can take the baby monitor with you when you’re traveling with your baby. Or, for those nights when your baby is sleeping over at the grandparents.

Safety Tips for Mounting Baby Monitor on the Crib

Often, parents prefer to mount it directly to the crib because the camera is not easily adjustable. It’s also one of the ways of getting the best view without fiddling with shelves, wall mounts and other mounting methods.

If you decide you want to mount your baby monitor’s camera on the crib, then use the following safety tips to guide you:

  • Make sure the cord is out of reach: For the first few months of your baby’s life, they’re less likely to be able to reach out for any dangling cords. But. it’s not worth taking any chances. Make sure the cord is securely tucked away, out of sight and reach of inquisitive fingers. Cable covers help to “disguise” the cord. Another option is to attach the cord firmly on the outside of the crib but this will mean either using nails or a strong adhesive glue.
  • Keep the monitor out of reach: The baby monitor must be out of reach from your baby. By mounting it securely on top of the crib’s frame, preferably at the bottom end of the crib, your baby will not be able to reach it.
  • Ensure the monitor is secure: Make sure the video monitor is fastened tightly on the crib without it wobbling. At no time do you want to risk having the monitor falling into the crib. Not only is this dangerous for your baby but, you’ll lose any of the audio or video functions of the monitor.
  • Remove from the crib when your baby becomes more active: When your baby is able to sit up in the crib, the baby monitor must be removed.

Mounting the baby monitor to the crib is relatively safe while your baby is still young and not sitting up. But, as soon as they start to move around and are able to pull themselves up, the baby monitor needs to be installed elsewhere in the nursery.

If you’re looking for products to help you safely mount your baby monitor to the crib, I would recommend both the iTodos Baby Monitor Mount and the Featch Universal Baby Cradle Mount Holder for Infant Optics DXR-8. Please note that the second option is best suited for the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor.

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Why is it NOT Safe to Have a Baby Monitor on the Crib?

There are many reasons why manufacturers of baby monitors strongly advise against mounting your baby monitor onto the crib. I spent some time reviewing the safety concerns and have listed two main concerns below so you’re fully informed as a parent.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Wireless baby monitors are constantly emitting electromagnetic (EMF) waves when active. Manufacturers recommend keeping the parent unit at least 20 centimeters away from the body. The unit in the baby’s room should be at least 1.5 to 1.8 meters away from their crib.

EMF is used to ensure the baby monitor can maintain secure connectivity and stream communication without any interference. However, EMF has potential health risks such as impacting your baby’s brain development. If you really want to mount a baby monitor to the crib, at least choose one of the many low EMF baby monitors.

Watch this informative video about EMF radiation and baby monitors.

Loose Cords

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) strongly advises that all baby monitor cords must be kept out of reach. They recommend the cords must be at least three feet away from the baby’s crib, playard or bassinet.

Cords can lead to strangulation if they’re left dangling within reach of your baby. This is one of the greatest safety concerns with mounting your baby monitor to the crib. And, remember, as your baby grows up and becomes more mobile, the safety distance increases.

Mounting Baby Monitors Away From the Crib: What Are the Options?

Your options for mounting the baby monitor away from the crib are varied. Once again, you can make use of universal mounts designed to fit most baby monitors available. Or, purchase the mounting features specifically designed for specific baby monitors.

Let’s look at the universal mounting options first. These include:

Clip-on mounts

These mounting options feature a strong clamp at the base with a long, extendable arm. While some parents use this option to clip onto the crib, these mounts can be clipped onto any piece of furniture or even the window sill. They’re designed to fit most baby monitor brands and have an extendable and adjustable arm. This allows you to position the monitor in such a way you can get the best view of the crib from almost anywhere in the nursery. The FlexxiCam Universal Baby Monitor Holder with Strap is great for this purpose.

FlexxiCam | Universal Baby Monitor Holder with Velcro Strap | Flexible Baby Camera Mount Shelf | No Drilling | A Safer Monitor Stand for Your Baby

Corner shelves

This mounting option allows you to install firmly to any wall corner in the baby’s nursery. It’s attached with strong stickers and screws. A tripod screw on the top of the shelf allows for most cameras to be firmly attached. Hinges on the bottom of the shelf let you wrap the cord neatly, keeping it out of reach of any inquisitive fingers. The Sully Baby Monitor Mount – Universal Wall Mounts Crib Cam Holder for Infants Video offers a neat mounting option for Motorola, Arlo, Hello Baby, Infant Optics DXR-8 and Babysense baby monitors.

Baby Monitor Shelf Mount for Hello Baby Corner Camera Shelf Compatible with Infant Optics DXR-8 DXR-5 Arlo Baby Babysense 7 Motorola - Universal Wall Mounts Crib Cam Holder for Infants Video

Adjustable wall mounts

This nifty bracket design allows you to position it anywhere on the wall. They fit most cameras and can be tilted to get the right angle for viewing. You will need to drill holes into the wall and screw the bracket into the wall. But, you have the flexibility to position the bracket exactly where you want it and keep it out of reach from your baby’s reach. The Universal Adjustable Angle Wall Mount Shelf for Baby Monitor Camera is a perfect example of this wall mounting option. It fits the Arlo, Hello Baby, Motorola, Infant Optics DXR- 8 as well as many other brands.

Universal Adjustable Angle Wall Mount Shelf for Baby Monitor Camera, Angle Mounting Brackets, Fits Arlo, Motorola, Infant Optics DXR-8, HelloBaby, and Most Baby Monitor Camera

Flat wall mounts

This is a neat design for hanging the baby monitor from the wall. The mount lays flat against the wall and the monitor clip slides into the hole on the mounting piece. The Vusee Baby Monitor Shelves include both a flat wall mount and a corner shelf. The product is compatible with most baby monitors and includes safe cord management features. 

VuSee Bundle | Universal Baby Monitor Shelves | Bundle Includes 2 Mounts: Corner & Flat | Compatible with Most Baby Monitors | Safe Cord Management | Easy Installation

Some brands offer floor stands and wall mounts specifically designed to fit their baby monitors. I’ve written an extensive review of the Nanit Baby Monitor, comparing their Nanit floor stand vs wall mounting options.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand , White

The floor stand offers more flexibility when using a baby monitor. You can move it around the baby’s nursery and tuck it away so it doesn’t take up space in the room. It also helps you to get the best viewing angles.

The wall mount securely keeps the baby monitor out of the way while still giving you peace of mind you’ll see your baby clearly. It’s attached to the wall, so you have less flexibility with moving the camera around. You will also have to mount it close to a wall socket.

Where to Place the Baby Monitor: Finding the Best Place

Most baby monitors need to be plugged into a wall socket. This means the location for mounting the baby monitor is restricted by the position of the wall socket. The next key point is ensuring there’s no interference to allow for a good connection.

The location of your baby monitor also depends on whether you’re using an audio monitor or a video monitor. For audio monitors, the distance must be no more than 10 feet away from the baby crib. The video monitor must be placed so you get a full view of the crib and your baby.

If you’re going to be adjusting the angle of your monitor’s camera, the location must be able to accommodate this. Once again, there must be no obstacles obstructing the camera lens. You must be able to get a clear view of your baby’s crib at all times.

If you’re using the clip-on or clamp mounting option, make sure you get a clear view of the inside of the crib. If you decide to clamp the baby monitor onto a piece of furniture that’s lower than the top of the crib you may only end up seeing the crib’s railings!

A tall bookshelf works well. If you decide to go with a DIY mounting option, you can purchase strong double-sided tape from your local hardware. Attach it to the base of your baby monitor and stick it onto the top shelf of the bookshelf. Before you do this, though, make sure you get a clear view of the crib – inside.

Most times, mounting the baby monitor directly above the crib is the best place. You can either use a wall mount designed for this reason. Or, you can mount the baby monitor directly to the wall with strong adhesive taping.

Remember JPMA’s rules about dangling cords and place the baby monitor at least three feet away from the crib. Make sure there’s no hanging cords. This can be solved by using 3M adhesive tape to stick the cord to the wall. Cable covers also do a great job of tucking cords away out of sight.

Keep the baby monitor away from water such as the bathroom. The same applies to the electric cord and plug.

If you’re using any of the universal mounting options mentioned above, you’ll be able to place your baby monitors on the wall, securely onto the baby’s changing table, night table or even on the window sill. You must also be able to see your baby at all times and not just get glimpses through the crib’s railings.

Pros and Cons: An Overview of the Mounting Options

Each mounting option mentioned in my article today gives you both advantages and disadvantages when using them. Here is a quick and easy table summarizing all the pros and cons of each option.

Mounting OptionProsCons
Directly onto the crib/clip-on- Easy to get a full view of the baby
- Requires no drilling into the crib
- Can be removed for traveling purposes
- Risk of cord dangling close to the baby
- Risk of EMF waves
- Risk of baby monitor falling into the crib
Clip-on/clamps- Can be placed onto any piece of furniture or window sill
- Requires no drilling, glue or adhesive tapes
- Portable
- Adjustable
- Risk of cord getting in the way
Corner shelves- Neat and easy to install
- Keeps the monitor out of reach
- Takes up little space
- May require drilling into the wall
- May not fit all baby monitors
- Limited to corners only
- May restrict viewing options
Adjustable wall mounts- Neat and easy to install
- Fits most baby monitors
- Adjustable to get a good view
- Small and compact
- Keeps the monitor out of reach
- Can be placed anywhere on the wall
- Space saver
- Needs to be placed close to a wall socket
- May require drilling into the wall
Flat wall mounts- Neat and easy to install
- Can be placed anywhere on the wall
- Keeps the monitor out of reach
- Space saver
- Needs to close to a wall socket
- May not accommodate all baby monitors
- Not easy to adjust the monitor for good viewing
Floor stands- Flexible, can be moved around
- Gives a good height and angle option
- Risk of tripping over the cord.
- Takes up a lot of space in the room

Final Thoughts

My baby monitor to crib mounting guide should give you some simple tips to attach your baby monitor safely to the crib. It’s recommended you only use this mounting option until your baby becomes more active and is able to sit up.

Once you move the baby monitor away from the crib, you have many other mourning options to pick from. The universal mounts mentioned in this article allow you to fit most baby monitors. They also give you the option of using clip-on features, mounting to the wall or going with corner shelves.

Floor stands are another great way of mounting your baby monitor, giving you more flexibility. With all of these options, it’s essential to take note of all safety measures so your baby is safe at all times.

For me, the Universal Adjustable Angle Wall Mount Shelf for Baby Monitor Camera ticked all the boxes for mounting a baby monitor safely. I would love to hear your comments so please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

Besides mounting baby monitors, there are things that can hang above the crib, also called crib mobiles which you might want to think of installing.

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