Best Time of Day for a Baby Shower (ALL Factors Considered)

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Planning a baby shower includes considering a large number of factors. Therefore, it’s not an easy task to determine what the best time and day is for a baby shower. Evening functions can be stressful for the older folks while afternoons or mornings may be difficult for those who are working or have other commitments.

In this article, I’ll be looking at this complex question, considering a large number of factors that play a role. Even ones you might not have thought of, such as the theme you pick, number of guests, season, and venue. By digesting this post, you might be able to increase the chances of a successful baby shower.

When is the Best Time of the Day for a Baby Shower?

Hosting a baby shower at lunchtime is a popular time as it gives the organizer time to prepare everything for the occasion. However, a brunch at around 10 am or 11 am in the morning works well too as it frees up the rest of the day for other commitments.

How to Set the Time and Day for the Baby Shower

Factors such as the number and type of guests, nap times for kiddies, and seasons all have an impact on when you set the day and time of the baby shower. Holiday seasons and special days such as birthdays and anniversaries also play a role when picking the right day. 

The biggest consideration will be the delivery date of the baby. You don’t want to leave it too close to the birth date in case the mom goes into labor before the event takes place. But you also want to avoid holding it too early in the pregnancy especially if you want to know the gender of the baby for gift ideas. Most baby showers are held between the 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy stage, with 32 weeks being the optimal period. 

You can also host a baby shower after the birth of the baby. These showers are done six weeks after the birth of a baby and are done mid-afternoon. This is so it doesn’t conflict with the baby’s nap time so everyone can meet the little one. 

Best Day of the Week for a Baby Shower

The best day of the week for a baby shower is Saturday or Sunday. For most guests and the parents involved, there are less likely to be work commitments. And, if the invitations are sent out well in advance, other commitments can be shifted to another time. 

What is the Best Time for a Baby Shower on a Saturday or Sunday?

Mid-morning or lunchtime are the most popular times for hosting a baby shower on a Saturday or Sunday. However, some mothers-to-be love the idea of a late afternoon party. The final decision really depends on the factors I’ll be discussing below.

Factors to Consider to Determine the Best Day and Time of the Day

Invited Guests (Number and Type)

The number of guests you invite and who they are will influence the day and time of the baby shower. If you’re planning on inviting a lot of people, you’ll need to factor in how long it will take for gifts to be opened. You’ll also need to consider the length of time any activities planned for the event will take. 

When organizing a baby shower I recommend a maximum of 30 guests. This number allows you to comfortably perform all the activities without the event turning into a long, drawn-out affair. 

The time of the day will also be affected by the type of guests you’re inviting. Older relatives may find mid-morning less stressful while family and friends traveling from afar may find it easier to get to the event by lunchtime.

Preferences of the Organizers, Parents, Guests

Your preference as the organizer needs to be factored in especially if you have to handle all the preparations on the day. But, the preferences of the parents-to-be also need to be considered and the guests.

The parents may have certain themes they want for the baby shower such as using a particular venue that has a deeper meaning for them. This could influence the time and day of the baby shower.

Navigating everyone’s time and day preferences can be tricky. It may be a good idea to set up a Facebook or Whatsapp group with all invited guests and give them a few options to pick from. 

Surveymonkey (typically paid) or Doodle (free) are great platforms for gathering preferences especially if you’re managing a large group of people. Make sure you don’t give too many options though as this could make the problem worse for you!


Most nap times of older babies take place around 2 pm so an early lunch or mid-morning baby shower makes sense here. If you’re including children in the event you need to find out if any of them are young enough to still be taking naps. 

You’ll also need to consider if the mom-to-be has other younger kids coming to the party. And, if the baby shower is taking place AFTER the birth of the baby, you’ll need to factor in the naptimes of the newborn. 

Stage of the Pregnancy (and Symptoms)

The third trimester is the best stage of the pregnancy for a mom-to-be to attend a baby shower. She should be over the worse of morning sickness and any other symptoms common to the first and second trimester of the pregnancy. 

However, fatigue can be a symptom heavily pregnant moms battle with so factor this in when planning the time of the day for the big event. It’s generally agreed that the 32-week stage is the best time to host a baby shower. 


Summer and spring are always the best seasons for organizing a baby shower. The days are warmer and longer. But you must factor in the possibility of rain and wind if you’re intending to have an outside function. 

If the baby is due during the winter months, you’ll be forced to consider the warmer times of the day to host the baby shower. However, if the venue has an indoor option with log fires or adequate heating then you won’t be limited by what time of the day you host the event.

Baby Shower Themes

The theme may impact the time of day you throw the party which then determines the style of the event. 


Hosting a party before noon means the event can be over by lunchtime and people can get on with the rest of their day with other commitments. It also means you can be more adventurous with the menu and types of food to serve.

Watch this video for some brunch baby shower ideas.


An outdoor baby shower in the settings of a beautiful garden is a wonderful way to host the event. Factors such as the season and weather will influence the timing and the number of guests if the garden is small. A garden-style baby shower often suits tea party themes and is favored by all women guests. This doesn’t mean you can’t include men or dads to the baby shower though!

“Happy Hour”-style

Some parents love the idea of having cocktails while watching the sunset. This can be hosted on the beach, at a venue, in a bar, or at your home. This time of the day doesn’t always work for everyone though so special consideration will need to be factored in when inviting the type of guests. 


Some families love to party all night long! If the parents involved have relatives and friends who enjoyed a great celebratory dinner, then this type of baby shower would go down well. Hispanics are known for throwing a good party and celebrating into the early hours of the morning so culture also determines the time of the baby shower. 

Venue and Location

The size of the venue will determine how many guests to invite. Some venues don’t cater to children so keep this in mind. The theme of the baby shower may also determine what kind of venue you pick. 

Location is an important consideration, especially for family and friends who don’t live close by. Both the venue and location will influence the time of the day for hosting the party and some venues need to be booked well in advance if you plan to do a weekend day. 

What You’ll Serve – Food and Refreshments

Baby shower pastries set-up

If you’re planning the event for lunchtime, guests will expect a meal unless you clearly stipulate on the invitation what type of foods and refreshments you’ll be serving. Brunch-style baby showers can have a more flexible menu but guests will expect a range of food and refreshments (including champagne!)

Tea parties normally involve cakes, pastries, and tea. Cocktail parties entail serving snacks and alcoholic beverages. Dinner-type baby showers mean serving a meal plus a choice of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. 

Baby Shower Before or After Birth?

Baby showers are conventionally held before the birth of the baby. The new mother will be tied down with looking after her newborn for most of the time in the first four months after the birth. Therefore, hosting a baby shower afterward is not a good idea. But if you want to, you can do so, as I also mentioned earlier in the article.

What Time Should a Brunch Baby Shower Start?

The best time to host a brunch baby shower is between 10 AM and 10.30 AM. The time will be influenced by the venue, location, and the types of guests attending. 

However, the big plus about hosting a brunch baby shower is that it frees up the rest of the day for everyone involved. You could start as early as 9 AM. But this only works well if the venue is organizing everything beforehand and guests don’t have to travel far to the location. 

How Long (hours) Should a Baby Shower Be?

Unless you’re planning a wild party that goes on for hours, a baby shower shouldn’t be longer than 2 to 3 hours. This gives enough time for guests to relax and enjoy themselves, eat the food, and for the mom-to-be to open the gifts. Any planned activities should also be incorporated into this time period. 

Final Thoughts

If you take into consideration all the factors mentioned here when planning a baby shower, you’ll be able to decide when is the best time of the day to host it. You can also narrow it down to a weekend day knowing that most guests will be able to attend. By picking the right time and day, you’ve covered the most essential part of hosting a fabulous baby shower!

And don’t forget to create a baby registry greeting for all your guests so that they know what to bring to your baby shower.

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