Diapers for Baby Shower – How Many And Which Size to Bring

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Wondering if a box of diapers is an appropriate gift for a baby shower? The short answer is yes! It’s the ideal gift that parents will need for their baby.  

It’s recommended that you bring three to four jumbo packs of newborn and size 1 diapers for a baby shower. Depending on the brand you choose, one jumbo pack can contain at least 96 diapers. That will be more than enough to accommodate a new born baby until he or she moves onto size 2 diapers.

Factors to consider when shopping for diapers for a baby shower

Before you go out shopping for baby stuff, e.g. diapers for a baby shower you’ll be attending there are some factors you’ll need to consider first. This includes what size diapers to bring and the brand to choose. Find out more in this next section.

What size diapers to bring to a baby shower

The best size baby diapers to buy for a baby shower will be packs of newborn sizes and size 1 diapers. Parents will want a diaper size they can use immediately after the baby is born. But simply buying newborn baby diapers isn’t always ideal because it will depend on the weight of the baby. 

Newborn diapers are for babies that weigh 10lbs. But most babies are ready to change diaper sizes when they have a weight between 8lbs to 10lbs. The average newborn baby weighs 7.5lbs so they may be too big for newborn diapers. Therefore, some newborn babies can go straight into size 1 diapers depending on their weight.

So to be safe, you’ll want to purchase two diaper sizes for the baby shower. So that if the baby is too big for the newborn diapers the parents will have a size 1 to accommodate their baby. 

What size diapers are babies in the longest?

The diaper size a baby stays in the longest is a size 3. Babies can stay in size 3 diapers for up to 6 months. So this is another diaper size to consider purchasing for a baby shower. On average, newborn babies only stay in newborn-sized diapers for about a month. Babies can outgrow a size 1 diaper within 2 months and a size 2 diaper in 3 months

However, it’s important to note that all babies are different. Some babies grow quicker than others so they may need to change diaper sizes sooner than other babies. 

What type (brands) of diapers to buy for a baby shower

When choosing the best brand of baby diapers to buy for a baby shower you’ll probably compare Pampers vs. Huggies

If you’re going to buy the newborn size then you should consider getting Pampers Swaddlers diapers because they’re ideal for babies with sensitive skin. I’ve compared Pampers Swaddlers vs. Pure in a separate article. 

Another product to consider is Huggies Little Snugglers baby diapers because they come in six sizes starting from newborn. Check out my comparison post between Huggies Little Snugglers versus Little Movers if you’re unsure about this product line.

Presenting the diapers at a baby shower

One advantage of choosing to bring diapers to a baby shower is that it’s easy to package and present in an elegant way. Most people place their box of diapers in a large gift bag or display them in a gift box. Other people simply leave the diapers unwrapped or use see-through wrapping with a bow to display their diaper gift. 

Do you wrap a box of diapers for a baby shower?

The best way to present your baby diaper gift at a baby shower is to wrap it in colorful wrapping paper. You can wrap the diapers in baby-themed wrapping or even brown paper if you’re going for a more natural look. Since the packaging is rectangle-shaped it’s easy to wrap the box of diapers neatly and complete it with a large bow.

How to wrap diapers (incl. creative ways)

Here are a few creative ways you can wrap your baby diaper gift: 

  • In a baby blanket: If you feel that wrapping paper is overrated then you can wrap the box of diapers in a baby blanket and secure it with a ribbon. Some people also secure the blanket with a snappi fastener. 
  • Tie Boxes with a Ribbon: Some people who buy two or more boxes of baby diapers for a baby shower will wrap them individually. Then they stack the boxes and tie them together with a big ribbon.  
  • Place them in a diaper bag: Ever heard of a gift within a gift? If you want to bring two gifts to the baby shower you can place the diapers in a large diaper bag and tie a large ribbon on the bag’s handle. Here’s my article comparing a diaper bag vs a backpack.
  • Place them in a gift box: If you don’t feel like wrapping the diapers you can purchase a large gift box to place them in. You can add other items to the gift box such as baby wipes and creams for diaper changes. 

Take a look at this YouTube video to find out how to wrap a box of diapers the easy way.

What can I make with diapers for a baby shower?

The advantage of baby diapers is that you can get creative with them. They can even become part of the baby shower decorations if you display them in creative ways. This is simply an alternative to wrapping your baby diapers especially if you’ve purchased many jumbo packs as gifts. Here are some ideas to choose from.

Cake Shaped 

If you’ve bought over 300 diapers in various sizes for the baby shower then you can fashion them into a four-tiered cake. Simply roll each diaper and tie each one with a ribbon. Then use the bigger diapers for the base of the cake, then the smaller sizes for the other three tiers. 

Use colorful paper to wrap around each tier to add decorations to your cake diaper display. Afterward you can wrap the entire cake-shaped diaper display with clear wrapping and secure it at the top with a big bow. 

Diaper Bassinet 

Another creative way to display all your diapers is to build a small baby bassinet out of the diapers and then fill it with even more diapers. Use cardboard for the base of the bassinet to make it easier to build the inside of the display. You can then fill the bassinet with more diapers. 

Place other gifts in between the diapers to fill in the gaps such as baby toys, shampoos, creams and even some baby clothes. Wrap the sides of the diaper bassinet with colorful ribbon and you can place bows on the sides of the display for more decoration. 

Diaper Basket 

A diaper basket uses the same concept as the diaper bassinet. Simply build the shape of a basket out of the baby diapers you’ve bought using cardboard for the base. Then fill the basket with more diapers and other baby shower gifts such as baby bottles, socks, pacifiers, and hats

Decorate your diaper basket with lace, ribbon, or colorful paper. To prevent your display from getting damaged you can wrap it in clear shiny plastic and secure it with a ribbon. 

Diaper Wreath 

Diaper wreaths are a popular display for baby showers. Simply roll each diaper and secure it with a ribbon. Then get about a meter of flexible plastic pipe and make a hoop and secure the ends with hot glue. Then tie diapers on the inside and outside of the hoop and secure them with a colorful ribbon. 

You can add other gifts to the wreath such as small bottles of shampoos and creams and even tiny baby shoes to complete the display. 

What to write on diapers for a baby shower (incl. funny things)

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without some laughter. The great thing about diapers is that you can write or draw pictures on the outside of them. Writing on the baby diapers makes an ideal personalized gift for friends and family and a great opportunity to make people laugh. 

Here are 10 funny phrases to write on baby diapers for baby showers: 

  1. “Trust me, save this one for dad.” 
  2. “Open at your own risk.”
  3. “Warning! Toxic Waste Inside.” 
  4. “Shoo wee, where’s the Febreeze?” 
  5. “Only a few 1000 more before I’m potty trained.” 
  6. “Round number 3 in the same daipeeee.” 
  7. “This is nothing, wait until I start eating solids.”
  8. “That smell isn’t coming from me, is it?” 
  9. “You’re going to need more wipes. Trust me.”
  10. “Is it a soupy number 2 or not? Only one way to find out. Good Luck!” 

How to ask for diapers for a baby shower

It can be difficult asking for certain baby shower gifts because you don’t want to come off as having bad manners. But there are ways you can request baby shower gifts without being tacky. Here are a few ways you can request baby diapers for your shower

Baby Registry 

If you’re really worried about not having enough diapers for your newborn’s first month then you can request diapers on your baby registry. Some people will appreciate the baby gift suggestions because there are those who struggle to find meaningful gifts for a baby shower. 

Baby registries are ideal because they can come in digital format so you can share them with your friends and family via social media. Facebook is an ideal place to announce your baby registry, especially if you’ve created an event for your baby shower on the platform. Read my article on how to announce a baby registry on Facebook. 

In any case, whatever platform you choose for sharing your registry, just make sure you have the right baby registry greeting message

Requests Through Social Media

There is a way you can receive gifts from people who aren’t attending your baby shower. Of course, it can be tricky to know how to announce a baby registry without a baby shower. You can make a digital registry of the items you need and clearly specify that diapers are a priority. Share this registry with your social media friends by posting the link on your Facebook wall. 

Make sure that your post is public so anyone can click on it and share the link with friends on their list. Some people may simply buy you diapers and others will buy you other gifts that you’ve specified on your list. 

Sending Messages To Your Contacts 

Another way you can request baby diapers for your baby shower is by sending everyone on your contact list a short message. You can even get creative and write a short poem about diapers such as: 

There are things parents need for their bundle of joy,
Such as diapers for a girl or boy!
To give the parents-to-be a good start,
Gift them your best diapers from the heart

Or you can send a simple picture or gif of diapers reminding your friends and family that this is one of the most important gifts that’s needed. 

On Your Baby Shower Invitation 

Whether you’re sending out digital or physical baby shower invitations, you can include a short message about including a box of diapers as a gift. You could even make it fun by creating a raffle draw on the day. 

State on your invitations that anyone who brings a box of diapers will receive a raffle ticket with a number. The corresponding numbers for all the tickets will be placed in a large bowl. A random number will be pulled out of the bowl and anyone with the corresponding number will win a prize. 

You can make the prize small or as elaborate as you want such as dinner and movie tickets for two. Or tickets to go see a theater play. 

The raffle will motivate everyone to want to bring a box of diapers to the baby shower. Make sure you specify what sizes you want and if you want a specific brand of diapers

How much should you spend on gifts for a baby shower?

You can spend at least $100 on baby shower gifts but it will also depend on what you want to buy. Ideally, you want to buy quality baby shower gifts but you also don’t want to overspend on your budget. The average person can spend between $30 to $50 on baby shower gifts. However, some people can spend more than $75 on baby shower gifts if it’s a family member or a close friend they’re buying for. 

Luckily, diapers are inexpensive and they’re a necessity. So even though it may seem like you’re giving a cheap gift it will be something the parents-to-be will appreciate. But if you want to give more you can include other small gifts that the baby might need such as brushes, clothes, hats, socks, and bibs. You could also include other small inexpensive items such as pacifier clips or some of the great pacifier holders.  

Wrap up

There are brands that sell baby diapers in various sizes from newborn up to size 6. But if you simply want to cater to the baby’s first few months then buying newborn and size 1 diapers are ideal for baby showers. You may also suggest that going diaper-free is an option, too! 🙂

You can buy as many packs as you want and the advantage is they’re easy to wrap. Additionally, baby diapers don’t have expiry dates so you can buy your gift well in advance. 

And if you’re stuck on brands the best ones to buy are Pampers and Huggies. If you’re lucky enough you may get a baby registry with information on which diapers to buy. If you have any other questions then leave a comment in the section below.

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