How to Announce Baby Registry on Facebook (Detailed Guide)

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Setting up your baby registry and figuring out how to announce it on social media, e.g. Facebook, can leave you feeling uncomfortable. You might even feel that you’re coming across as greedy.

The truth, however, is that many people prefer a gift registry to narrow down the items that are needed. While there’s no such thing as too many baby wipes or diapers, there are items that you’ll only use one of!

Once you have your registry set up, the next question is, what’s the best way to distribute it? Since many people use the Facebook platform, it has become the simplest way to distribute.

Here’s How to Announce Baby Registry on Facebook

The best way to announce a baby registry on Facebook is with Amazon Baby Registry. If you include it into a status update on Facebook, make sure your wording is courteous and appreciative. If you’ve registered with Amazon, you can also just simply click on “share your registry” and then select Facebook as the shared platform. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Announce Your Registry on Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt the one platform that connects you, first and foremost, with your friends and family. Since you typically share your baby registry with this circle of people, it makes sense to do the announcement of the registry on the popular social media platform called Facebook. At least one person in every household has a Facebook account. 

That makes choosing this platform the easiest way to announce your registry in a subtle yet effective manner. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the best way to announce your registry without being too tacky. 

Include mentioning the registry in your shower invitations

If you’re sending out an invite on Facebook, you can include the registry link with it

Simply add a short message such as, “In case you’re wondering what our little one still needs, we’ve set up a gift registry. However, simply sharing the day with us is more than enough.”

Make sure you know what to include in your baby registry so you get the items you really need. Take a look at these baby registry hacks so you know what to include in it before sending it out to everyone on Facebook 

Private Group Option

This is a common alternative to sharing your invitation publicly on Facebook to your connections. The advantage is you have total control of who you invite to your group. 

You’re also less likely to come across as being tacky if you’re sending the message in a private group with your closest friends and family. You can use that group as a means to update your loved ones on baby pictures and information without it being seen by everyone. 

Decide to Have a Baby Shower or Not

Did you know that you can send out a baby registry without having a baby shower? There are some not so tacky ways to announce a baby registry without a baby shower. For example, you can share your registry with your friends on Facebook and have gifts delivered to your house. 

However, if you do decide to have a baby shower, you can still announce and share your registry along with the baby shower invitation to all your contacts on Facebook. 

Decide Who Will Share Your Announcement

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Here you have two choices. You can either share the announcement yourself or you can ask someone to do it for you. If you feel shy or think it might come across as tacky coming from you, there is another option. Ask the person arranging your shower to do it. This way it appears as part of the process. Ask your best friend, sister, mother or even aunt to do it for you. 

Go to Your Chosen Baby Registry Platform

You have various options when it comes to choosing a baby registry. To simplify the process, select one platform. Some of the more popular platforms include:

  • Amazon: This is one of the most popular registry platforms. You can add a message which shows every time the list is opened. An advantage to the Amazon listing is the 10% discount you qualify for. This means if an item wasn’t bought, you as the registrar of the list can purchase the item with a 10% discount! So, no need to feel guilty about adding the big-ticket items to your registry, because you can buy it yourself using the discount!
  • Walmart: Another popular choice for registries because there are over 4500 stores to choose from. Walmart has an extensive range of popular baby brands and products. 
  • Babylist: The babylist registry makes it super easy to compile a baby registry with many recommendations provided. 
  • Target: An easy-to-use universal registry, Target offers you products and brands from as many as 1800 different stores. 

Find the Share Button and Share

Your Amazon baby registry page will have an option to share the registry to various social media platforms. Simply click “share your registry” and select the platform of choice. Popular platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Email

You also have the option to copy the link in the “Share with link” section. Instead of just sharing the link, add a short comment to explain the reason for sharing. Mention that you’re sharing the list because many people are asking for gift suggestions, such as a minimalist variant. 

Personalize Your Message on Facebook When Sharing

Whether you’re going to have a baby shower or simply just use the registry, always include a personalized message. In the message, be personal (our little one), use names (Robert and I), and always mention that your guests’ presence is more important than anything else. 

That way people who can’t afford registry items don’t feel excluded. After all, cheaper items like baby wipes, blankets, clothes and toiletries are as important as the bigger ticket items. 

Wording the Announcement of Your Registry on Facebook

You might be feeling hesitant to announce your registry on Facebook because you’re afraid it will come across as tacky. You may even feel like you might come across as “greedy” when you ask for specific things as opposed to simply appreciating anything you get

The trick is in the way you word your message. A humble approach is the best way to go here. Let’s look at a few examples you can consider. 

Option 1:

A few generous friends have been asking what we need for the little one. We thought it may be easier to share our registry link instead. Thanks to everyone for your support! We’re so excited to welcome baby Rachel this year.

Option 2:

Robert and I feared that sharing our baby registry on Facebook might come across as tacky, but some close friends have convinced us otherwise. We really appreciate all the support.”

Option 3:

Some kind people have been asking what we need for the baby. We thought it might be simpler to share the link instead. So here it is! But please know that your kind words and visits are generous enough!

Option 4:

Robert and I have been receiving many messages asking what we need for little Logan. We thought it would be easier to share the link here. Thank you for your love and support!

Option 5: 

I’ve been receiving many requests for my baby registry and I thought it would be a good idea to post it here! Thank you for your support and kind wishes. You’re all so special to us!

Wording the Announcement on Facebook Without a Baby Shower 

There might be a few different reasons why you choose not to have a baby shower. You could live too far away from the majority of your friends and family, and they’re opting for courier. Schedules could be too hectic. Whatever the reason, include a courtesy message with your link so that everyone is on the same page. 

Alternative Ways to Announce Your Baby Registry Without Being Tacky

  • Email: If you feel Facebook is too impersonal or perhaps too tacky for your preference, there’s always a polite, informative email with the link and necessary details. 
  • Change Your Facebook Status: You might also simply just update your status to one of the messages listed above. Remember to be courteous and considerate. Thank all the well wishes posted on your status update. 

Final Thoughts

Writing a Facebook message about your registry announcement should be a lot easier now that you have some examples to follow. Consider using Amazon for your registry as the click-and-share option makes the whole process so much simpler! Your message pops up every time someone opens the list, so you won’t have to resend it every time. 

In my personal experience, the best way to write a baby registry greeting is to be genuine about it. Don’t overdo the sentiment in your message and always add a personal touch. Be humble and show gratitude. Enjoy your gifts and more especially, your new bundle of joy!

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