Does Crunch Fitness Have Childcare? [Quick Read]

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Getting your fitness routine in at the local gym while managing a family at the same time can be stressful! Parents of younger children would benefit from childminding services at gyms. With so many gyms to pick from, you may be wondering whether Crunch Fitness has childcare facilities?

Most Crunch Fitness locations offer parents the option of childcare for their children. Childminders watch over your children in the Kids Crunch safe and fun play area, Mondays to Sundays. Childcare is included on some memberships while additional fees are charged on other plans. 

Does Crunch Fitness offer childcare (daycare)?

Most Crunch Fitness centers throughout the United States do offer childcare for a limited number of hours every day. The childcare program is known as Kids Crunch. They don’t offer full daycare facilities (by the way, if you’re wondering if you can bring your baby to college you’ll be pleasantly surprised that some institutions do offer full daycare facilities.)

When looking for a Crunch Fitness gym near you, it’s essential to find out if the Kids Crunch childcare program is available in the location of your choice. 

Those locations that do offer childcare facilities have childminders who watch over your children in a safe play area. Babies are taken care of in a separate room designed specifically for little ones who are still crawling. 

All you need to know about babysitting at Kids Crunch (by Crunch Fitness)

While you’re getting your fitness needs met, you can rest assured your children are in the safe hands of well-trained childminders in the gym’s designated play area for kids. All Kids Crunch babysitters are certified to perform CPR and first aid. Various activities such as coloring in books, reading, toys, and movies are available to keep your child entertained.

When signing up for a membership at Crunch Fitness and you want to take advantage of their babysitting services, there are some factors you need to be aware of. 

What hours is Kids Crunch available?

Planning your daily fitness routine at Crunch Fitness as a parent does also mean making sure your kids are taken well care of at the facility. Those gyms offering Kids Crunch childcare programs do operate at certain times on different days. 

Most Crunch Fitness locations offer childcare during these times and days:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 1pm for the morning slot and 4pm to 8pm for the late afternoon/evening slot.
  • Saturday: 9am to 1pm.
  • Sunday: 1pm to 4pm.

While these times and days are pretty standard across most Crunch Fitness centers, it’s essential to check if your location follows this schedule. If not, find out what their schedule is so you can plan your daily workouts to minimize parenting stressors. It’s also important to know that most childcare facilities limit the number of hours your child can be in the program to two hours. 

What are the age limits for Kids Crunch?

Crunch Fitness takes the health and safety of all its members seriously and this includes the children who are put into their care while mom or dad is doing a workout. The Kids Crunch program accommodates children from the age of six months to 13 years old

Children from 14 years old may partake in fitness routines together with their parents. Regular exercise for teens has many benefits and it also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your teenager. But before you let your teen into the gym’s main areas, check if your location makes this option available. 

Watch this video which talks about the brain-changing benefits of exercise.

How much is Kids Crunch babysitting?

Babysitting fees on the Kids Crunch program may vary from gym to gym, so check with your Crunch Fitness center what they charge for childminding services. Crunch Fitness offers the following three plans which may or may not include the childcare program:

  • Base Plan: The membership fee starts from $9.95 per month and doesn’t include childcare costs. An additional fee will be charged if you sign your child in for the Kids Crunch program.
  • Peak Plan: This plan starts from $19.95 per month and an additional fee is charged for use of the Kids Crunch program.
  • Peak Results Plan: This membership may include the use of the Kids Crunch facilities every day (but check with your gym first before signing up) and fees start at $24.95 per month. 

Membership fees do vary depending on the different locations so always check with the gym in your local area for all costs involved when signing up for a plan. The membership fees quoted above are also based on one person and an annual fee of $49.99 is applicable. 

Additional fees for the Kids Crunch program can be anything up to $13.00 per month. If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for childcare and only make use of the gym facilities occasionally, you can opt for a daily workout fee that includes childminding. Daily childcare fees of up to $5 per workout session are also available for non-Crunch Fitness members.

To find out if your Crunch Fitness location of choice offers these services or if you want to check the monthly childcare fee on the Base or Peak plan, contact the gym. 

Should you really go for Kids Crunch? 

If you’re serious about keeping fit and want to attend the gym as often as possible but you have young children to take care of, it makes sense to go for the Kids Crunch program. This way, you can get on with your workout, knowing your little ones are being entertained, in a safe place, close by. 

The Kids Crunch program is well-designed, secure, and clean. However, if you expect your children to have an educational experience while being cared for in the Kids Crunch program, you won’t get it! The childminder’s job is to keep your child distracted and safe while you’re doing your workout.

Babies from six months old are taken care of in a separate room which means you don’t need to worry about them being harmed by robust, older children! Little ones can crawl and explore the space under the watchful eye of a childminder. 

Does Crunch Fitness offer family plans?

Similar to LA Fitness, Crunch Fitness gyms do offer a three-month family membership plan. However, check with your location of choice to find out if this offer is available. The Peak Results Plan does include complimentary guest privileges which means you can bring one friend or family member to accompany you on a workout session at no charge. Some Crunch Fitness locations also offer this feature on the Peak plans.

If you want your child to join you while exercising, they need to be 14 years old or older. 

How much does the Crunch Fitness family membership cost?

The Crunch Fitness family membership varies from location to location. Speak to your local gym before signing up to find out what the fees are. Some centers are offering discounts for family memberships so don’t forget to ask if this offer is available at your location of choice.


Crunch Fitness focuses on giving the individual the best workout experience when using their facilities. Offering over 225 gyms throughout 24 states of the United States, you should be able to find one in your area. Most do offer the Kids Crunch program which is a bonus for parents looking for childcare while keeping up with their daily fitness routine. 

When budgeting for a baby consider childcare costs if you want to continue with your workout sessions at a local gym. This way you can keep up a healthy routine while knowing your little one is in the safe hands of a childminder at the gym.

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