Does LA Fitness Have Childcare? (incl. Costs)

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For many parents looking to get back into their workout routines, the biggest challenge is finding a place for the child(ren) to stay. One of the very popular fitness centers is without a doubt LA Fitness. While it’s well known for the amenities on offer, you might be wondering, if LA Fitness has childcare?

The good news is, LA Fitness offers a childcare program for ages three months and up. LA Fitness has a Kids Klub where parents can leave their children during their workouts. It’s important to note that this feature is an additional fee in addition to regular membership. Additionally, the Kids Klub fee can be paid monthly or as a pay-per-visit option. This is ideal for parents who don’t always need childcare! 

Does LA Fitness offer childcare?

Sometimes you can’t find a babysitter to take care of your little one when you need to visit the gym. That’s why it’s important to find a gym that offers childcare. 

Yes! LA Fitness provides childcare through their innovative Kids Klub childcare program. This allows parents to drop their children off at the Kids Klub area during their workout.

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Does LA Fitness charge for childcare?

Unfortunately, childcare isn’t free at LA Fitness’s Kids Klub. Parents can select the right payment plan for them. The two most popular include a monthly addition to the regular membership or a single visit option. 

This means you can pay each time you visit the gym rather than as a monthly amount. At the time of writing this article, the monthly cost is $10 – $15 per child, per month. A single visit option is $5 daily. The single visit option is ideal for parents who might not need childcare with each workout session. 

What is LA Fitness’ Kids Klub?

The Kids Klub is a space on the LA Fitness premises where children can play under supervision while their parents work out. The service is available for two hours and parents must be on-site at the gym. 

The Kids Klub features the following activities to keep children busy for two hours:

  • Reading sessions
  • Play mazes
  • Games
  • Arts and crafts

LA Fitness does background checks on all their babysitters to give parents peace of mind about their children’s safety. Upon parents’ requests, babysitters can send notifications to your phone via the LA Fitness app

In my research and discussion with parents who use the Kids Klub service, I’ve found a few pros and cons you might find interesting! 


  • Option to choose between monthly membership or pay-per-visit fee
  • Babysitters undergo a background check
  • Suitable for children aged 3 months to 12 years
  • Cheaper than hiring a babysitter at your home
  • The child is still on the same premises as the parent


  • Parents are called for diaper changes
  • Two-hour maximum time – difficult for parents to work out for longer
  • No mid-day hours (12pm – 4pm)

What hours is LA Fitness Kids Klub available?

Kids Klub is open to childcare throughout the working week. Days and hours are listed below:

  • Monday to Friday: 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
  • Saturday: 8AM – 12PM

Two of the disadvantages of the Kids Klub is that it doesn’t operate on Sundays. For many parents who work hectic schedules, Sunday might be the only time they get to work out.

 Additionally, the Kids Klub is closed Monday to Friday between 12 PM and 4 PM which some parents have expressed as an ideal time to work out. Keep these pointers in mind before opting for this solution. 

What are the age limits for Kids Klub at LA Fitness?

Age limits vary depending on the location of the fitness center. The general age limit though is between 3 months to 12 years old. For younger toddlers, parents should be aware that they will be called out of their workout session to change diapers or deal with crying or fussing toddlers.

What’s the cost of Kids Klub at LA Fitness?

As mentioned earlier, the fee for Kids Klub is an added amount to your monthly gym membership. The monthly fee varies between $10 – $15 per month for each child. If you work out every day and require the babysitting function for every session, this might be the better option for you. 

For parents who only require the service from time to time, the pay-per-visit option would be a better option. This costs $5 each day per child. 

When you want to go to LA Fitness with an older child

The Kids Klub is ideal for smaller children. But, what do you do with your older children? Let’s delve into the rules for taking your older children with you to LA Fitness. 

How old do kids have to be to work out at LA Fitness?

13-year-old children can attend the gym provided they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. Parents will need to sign a waiver of liability for any children between 13 – 18 to use the facilities. 

Does LA Fitness offer family plans?

For many parents who have older children or partners who want to occasionally use the gym’s facilities, LA Fitness’ family plan option might be a better alternative.  

How much does the LA Fitness family membership cost?

LA Fitness has a family membership option that allows you to take up to 3 members of your family with you to the gym. This option will cost $24.99 per month per person and features no initiation fee. 

Is it worth joining the LA Fitness family membership?

According to the parents I spoke to and the forums I read, it seems that the general opinion is that membership costs are quite reasonable. Opting for the Kids Klub is considerably cheaper than hiring a babysitter to look after the children at your home. 

Since the Kids Klub space varies according to different locations, it’s always a good idea to ask to see the area before joining the center in your region. Bear in mind that there isn’t a separate area for toddlers and older kids. This means your toddler will be playing among bigger kids. 

Here’s a short clip from LA Fitness to show you how much fun kids can have at Kids Klub while you work out! 


LA Fitness is considerably cheaper than most other high-end fitness centers. With its Kids Klub and babysitters on site, it has become a firm favorite with parents. A big advantage is that children from 3 months to 12 years can join the Kids Klub. When children turn 13 you can simply sign a waiver for them to join the gym.

Another fitness club that offers childcare is Crunch Fitness, which you might want to consider.

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