221 Badass Grandma Names That Will Kick Some…

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Grandmas are the best! And, giving them a badass name shows you really love them while recognizing they’re unique and special. If your grandma is someone you treasure and admire while still loving her crazy, kickass attitude, she deserves to be given one of those badass grandma names!

I’ve done the research for you and have found 221 names you can pick from! I’ve also included some names used in other languages, such as Hungarian, an exotic language I speak, PLUS common nicknames used by grandkids when with granny. Check them out and find one that fits your coolest grammy. 

221 Badass Grandma Names

  1. Nona
  2. Memaw
  3. Coco
  4. Old Bat
  5. Bibi
  6. Bubbie
  7. Gram Cracker
  8. Mimzy
  9. MooMaw
  10. Toots
  11. Gigi
  12. Tutu
  13. The Matriarch
  14. Bubba
  15. Abuela
  16. Gigi
  17. Grand Dame
  18. Zaza
  19. Babushka
  20. G-Ma
  21. Mima
  22. Ayeeyo
  23. Karma
  24. Fantasia
  25. Venus
  26. Jub-Jubs
  27. Maxi-Gram
  28. Maxi-Ma
  29. Gamma
  30. Sassy
  31. Battista
  32. Aphrodite
  33. Tempest
  34. Kumani
  35. Wanda
  36. Glamma
  37. Gab-Gab
  38. Zaza
  39. Nanz
  40. Genie
  41. Vega
  42. Nonna
  43. Queenie
  44. Shazza
  45. Kuku
  46. Tootsie
  47. Mimi
  48. Gams
  49. G-Bomb
  50. Yaya
  51. Gam-Mora
  52. Marvel
  53. Davina
  54. Godiva
  55. Buffy
  56. Vespa
  57. Cha-Cha
  58. Nan-Noo
  59. Noonie
  60. Moomins
  61. G
  62. Amma
  63. Bebe
  64. Amba
  65. Hempstock
  66. Gramcy
  67. Ga Ga
  68. Big Momma
  69. Grand Momma
  70. Zannie
  71. Thatcher
  72. Insta-Gram
  73. Golden Girl
  74. Gogo
  75. Aba Daba
  76. Vivie
  77. Kikie
  78. Bama
  79. Tootles
  80. Babi
  81. Grand Dolly
  82. Nonina
  83. Jemmie
  84. PopMa
  85. Glamster
  86. Mims
  87. Mumsie
  88. Grandma Goo
  89. Gram Gram
  90. Mamu
  91. DeeDee
  92. FooFoo
  93. GinGin
  94. Nanee
  95. Lolly
  96. RaRa
  97. Dammy
  98. Mi Nina
  99. Rizz
  100. Wangy
  101. Lita
  102. Po Po
  103. Grandmere
  104. Nanang
  105. Lola
  106. Foxy
  107. Bella
  108. LaLa
  109. Goldy
  110. Abba
  111. BeBe
  112. Sassy
  113. CiCi
  114. Sirena
  115. Mia
  116. Hera
  117. Athena
  118. Lexis
  119. Marie
  120. Vixen
  121. Xena
  122. Mojo
  123. Giggy
  124. Nina
  125. Zsa-Zsa
  126. Layla
  127. Buffy
  128. Senela
  129. Valkyrie
  130. Fallon
  131. Galaxy
  132. Exodus
  133. Rexana
  134. Dola
  135. Fantasia
  136. Damara
  137. Velora
  138. Asha
  139. Genesis
  140. Minka
  141. Oya
  142. Zuna
  143. Pandora
  144. Cher
  145. Villian
  146. Aurora
  147. MoonPie
  148. Beatrix
  149. Mollie
  150. Heda
  151. Indigo
  152. Reign
  153. Yola
  154. Exie
  155. Mona
  156. Elektra
  157. Gracie
  158. Jarah
  159. Alexia
  160. Granny Queen Bee
  161. Queen Bee
  162. Lady
  163. Dextera
  164. Rowdy
  165. Moxie
  166. Onyx
  167. Raven
  168. Aria
  169. Ara
  170. Calypso
  171. Vixen
  172. Cassandra
  173. Storm
  174. Luna
  175. Fig
  176. Fee
  177. Ripley
  178. Roxanne
  179. Blade
  180. Jinx

If you want to call her in another language

  1. Mémé – French
  2. Gumbu – Dyirbal (Australia)
  3. Nne Nne – Igbo (Nigeria)
  4. Nai Nai – Mandarin
  5. Ouma – Afrikaans (South Africa)
  6. Naani – Hindi
  7. Giagiá – Greek
  8. Omi – German
  9. Nonna – Italian
  10. Kuia – Maori (New Zealand)
  11. Babcia – Polish
  12. Maw Maw – Cajun French (Louisiana, USA)
  13. Avó – Portuguese
  14. Lola – Tagalog (Philippines)
  15. Mhamó – Irish
  16. Savta – Hebrew
  17. Nagymama – Hungarian
  18. Bubbe – Yiddish
  19. Mormor – Danish
  20. Bibi – Swahili
  21. Buvi – Uzbek (Uzbekistan)
  22. Baje – Nepali
  23. O baachan – Japanese
  24. Vanaeman – Estonian
  25. Baka – Croatian
  26. Kuku wahine – Hawaiian
  27. Halmeoni – Korean
  28. Nenek – Malay
  29. Mamie – French Canadian
  30. Avia – Catalan (Spain)
  31. Mam-gu – Welsh
  32. Madar Bozorg – Farsi
  33. Teta – Egyptian Arabic
  34. Baba – Serbian
  35. Bomma – Flemish
  36. Bunica – Romanian
  37. Yeay – Khmer (Cambodia)
  38. Tatik – Armenian
  39. Bommi – Flanders
  40. Wai Po – Chinese
  41. Bestemoeder – Danish

Not sure how to pronounce grandmother in other languages? Watch this video to find out the correct pronunciation and decide if any of them would suit your kickass gran!

Why you might be looking for a badass name for your grandma

For a long time, grandmothers were associated with purple, permed hair, prim clothing, baked cookies, and sweetness. This image may not have always been a true representation of what your grandma was really like “behind the scenes” but society dictated this for older ladies.

Nowadays, grandmas have come a long way and aren’t expected to fit into the conventional “granny” box. There are kickass grandmas, kind grannies, and gentle nanas. Whatever their character, grandmas deserve to be recognized by their grandkids for their uniqueness. Here are some good reasons why you might be looking for a badass name for your grandma.

1. She’s tough and emotionally strong

This kind of grandma doesn’t give up when life throws her a spanner or two! She believes in taking life’s knocks in her stride and wants you to do the same. Her husband may have left her, she’s lost many beloved pets, or a bad economy forced her to find ways of making her own money. But, she’s never given up.

This type of grandma wants you to be tough too because life happens and she wants you to be as emotionally strong as she is so you can keep on keeping on! Tough grandmas would love to be called The Matriarch or Thatcher.

2. She’s a rock and roller

Who would think our own grandmothers once loved heavy metal, rock n” roll, or spent weekends dancing away at the local disco? And, if she’s still as wild as she was in her youth, you’ll still find your badass grandma doing the moves at a nightclub in the neighborhood. 

Surely your rock and rolling grandma deserves a name that describes her love for funky music and dance moves? Think Foxy or LaLa here!

3. She’s an activist

A granny who has always stood up for the rights of others deserves a kickass name. This special person in your life believes in protecting the rights of children, other women, taking care of the environment, or speaking up for those who don’t feel they have a voice. 

This type of grandma deserves a sassy name, showing your respect and admiration for her courage to be an activist. Grand Momma, Maxi-Gram, or Tutu would suit a grandmother who believes in civil rights.

4. She’s honest and outspoken

Your grandmother believes in speaking her truth always. She’s outspoken and honest at the same time. Admirable traits that should be recognized and honored even if at times she doesn’t put any “filter” on what she’s saying and it makes you cringe! With age, comes wisdom, and grans who understand this know that people-pleasing often leads to more trouble than it’s worth. 

Being truthful from the beginning while being compassionate is a skill you could learn from your badass gran. Your name for her should also describe her to the key – how about Old Bat, Grand Mama, or Queenie?

5. She’s fiercely independent

Some grandmothers are fiercely independent and have never relied on anyone else, even a man, to provide for them. These feisty grandmas can pay their own bills, plan their own exotic holidays, and know what’s best for them, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She doesn’t let fashion dictate how she should dress nor does she care if people frown when she chooses to stay on her own instead of moving into an old age home. 

This kind of grandmother also loves to have a name that’s beyond the conventional “gran!” How about Grandmere, G-Ma, or simply G?

Common nicknames for a grandma

Here are some common nicknames that could be used to tell others you have the coolest grandma around!

  • BeBe
  • BunBun
  • GabGab
  • Grancie
  • Meemz
  • Birdy
  • Jiggy-Ma
  • Punky
  • Nonny
  • Nanza

Are you looking for a cute or unique nickname for your badass step-grandma? My article listing many names for a step-grandma should give you some great ideas!

Final Thoughts

Grace Gegenheimer once said, ‘I carry within me the heart of a warrior, the mind of a pharaoh, the soul of a goddess, and the wisdom of my grandmothers’ grandmothers.” Your badass grandma carries all of this within her to share with you. She’s someone who isn’t only your granny, nana, or grandma but she’s so cool that she deserves to have her own special name! 

While you are at it, give your Pops a special name too by using my list of great names for a step grandpa that are cool and unique!

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