Does Orangetheory Have Childcare? (Or Other Options?)

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Keeping up with a regular workout routine once children are on the scene can be a challenge many parents face. It makes sense to join a gym that offers childminding or daycare services. But which fitness centers offer this service and does Orangetheory have childcare facilities?

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) doesn’t offer childcare facilities. Parents can opt to do evening or weekend classes or sign up for a family membership that accommodates children over 14 years old. Some OTFs have partnered with local daycares, offering their members discounted rates.

Does Orangetheory Fitness offer childcare (daycare)?

Orangetheory Fitness gyms offer a combination of heart-rate-based, whole-body endurance workouts using coaching and technology. There are over 1,400 studios throughout the United States. If you’re interested in participating in smarter workout routines, this gym is for you. But, as a parent, your concern is who’s going to take care of the kids while you’re getting fit? 

OTF studios don’t offer childminding or daycare services in their studios. This could be a stumbling block for most parents. However, there are some other ways you can still get your smart workout in while having peace of mind your child is in safe hands.

How to solve your childcare problem when going to Orangetheory Fitness

Maintaining your fitness routine is important for your mind, body, and soul! Exercise helps parents to manage their mental health when caring for a family (how often do you find yourself yelling at children because you’re so stressed?) 

Check out my list of options to help you find the right solution for childminding services so you can continue with your workouts at OTF studios. 

1. Find a daycare in the area

Look for a daycare en route or nearby to your OTF studio. Make sure they offer hourly rates so you can drop your child off before starting your workout session and pick them up once you’re finished. Some OTF centers are partnering with nearby daycare facilities and offering their members discounted rates. Find out if your gym offers this option. 

2. Sign up to evening or weekend classes

If your partner can look out for the kids in the evenings or on weekends, sign up for workout classes during these times. Most OTF studios operate from 5am to 8pm, Mondays to Sundays but check with your location as gym hours may vary. Alternate with your partner if they’re also participating in the fitness classes, taking turns caring for the kids.

3. Attend morning classes while your child is at school

If you can attend morning classes while your child is at school, this is a win-win situation. You can rest assured your child is safe while you focus on your workout routine. With most OTF studios open from 5am, you can attend a workout session as soon as you’ve dropped your child off at school before starting your day’s work. 

4. Rope in the grandparents

If you’re fortunate to have grandparents living in the area, ask them if they would be willing to watch over your child for an hour while you’re working out. This option works really well if the grandparents are living nearby to your gym location. If you don’t have grandparents on hand, think about aunts, uncles, neighbors, and even your BFF living nearby. In most cases, people are willing to help out if they can. All you need to do is ask for their support. 

5. Speak to other parents at the gym

Find out if there are other parents at the gym facing the same dilemma as you. Other members may also be struggling to find childcare for their own kids. Offer to take care of each others’ children while attending workout classes. Work out a schedule that works for both of you so there’s no misunderstanding about who’s on “kids’ duty!”

6. Hire a student

Students are always looking for ways to make some extra money. If you can’t find a daycare nearby, don’t have family or friends to lean on, or your partner works late hours, consider finding a student. You can fit your workout class in to accommodate their college hours or find a student who attends virtual classes and can do it while looking after your children. 

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When you want to go to OrangeTheory Fitness with an older child

Orangetheory Fitness has certain terms and regulations in place concerning older children attending workout classes. 

Can you bring your child as a guest to Orangetheory Fitness?

Children from 14 years old may participate in one free class as a guest as long as they’re accompanied by their parent or guardian. This guest pass is only valid for first-time visitors so your child can’t join you again as a guest once they’ve had one free visit. 

Casual visits can be arranged for non-members at some studios and the drop-in fee ranges between $28 to $35 per class. Find out if your location has this option available. 

What’s the age limit for Orangetheory Fitness?

Teenagers from 14 years old may accompany their parents when attending workout classes. From 16 years old, they may take part in sessions on their own as long as a parent or guardian has signed a waiver form with the gym. When 18 years old, young adults can become members without approval from their parents. 

Does Orangetheory Fitness offer family plans?

Participating Orangetheory Fitness centers do offer family plans. However, make sure your location offers this membership option if you want to sign up for the family plan. 

How much does the Orangetheory Fitness family membership cost?

The Orange Premier at $159 per month which offers its members unlimited classes, includes reduced family rates. The other membership plans are priced as follows (fee/month):

  • Basic: 4 classes a month for one person at $59
  • Elite: 8 classes per month for one person at $99

Additional classes can be booked on these membership plans at an additional fee of $18 per workout session. When signing up for a membership plan, confirm the prices with your location as they may vary between studios. 

Is it worth joining the Orangetheory Fitness family membership?

OTF has gone out of its way to include families in their studios as long as the following rules are abided by:

  • Age limit: No children under the age of 14 years old may attend the gym. Some studios only allowed children from 16 years old so check your location before signing up for a family plan. 
  • Immediate family members: Membership is only applicable to immediate family members so don’t try bringing your third cousin into the plan!
  • Enrollment: All family members on the plan must be enrolled at the same studio.
  • Living under the same roof: Proof must be provided showing that all family members live in the same household.

Is it worth joining the family membership? Yes, if you want to benefit from the discounts. OTF studios offer reduced rates between $10 to $20 per family member every month. 

Some families may find the prices exorbitantly expensive so you need to factor in what the benefits are when joining OTF. If you need a workout where you’re pushed with guidance from a coach and enjoy the atmosphere of a supportive gym community, then the high cost may be worthwhile. Your teenagers will also love the technology used when working out!


Parents budgeting for a baby should factor in outside childminding services if they want to join OTF as the studios don’t offer childcare facilities (just like Planet Fitness). If you like the idea of exercising together with your teenager, you can sign up for the reduced family rates on the Orange Premier plan. 

OTF studios provide a boutique workout atmosphere and if this appeals to you, you can make a plan to organize childcare when using my list of recommendations.

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