Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare? (Or Other Options!?)

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There are many health benefits to having a good workout routine. Not only is it a great way to deal with daily stress, but it’s also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With one parent working, the other parent might require some form of child care when they go to the gym, like Planet Fitness. But, does Planet Fitness have childcare?

While many fitness chains offer some form of daycare, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer this service. Despite having branches nationwide, they maintain their low membership costs by not offering a family plan or daycare of any kind. Their safety policy is that children under the age of 13 don’t enter their facilities. 

Does Planet Fitness offer childcare (daycare)?

Working out is important but making sure your child has the best care is also crucial. You could take your child with you to the gym but this may distract you from your routine. Unfortunately not every gym provides childcare for its members. 

Planet Fitness doesn’t provide any childcare for its members. As one of the large gym chains, they have a low-cost membership but are unable to provide child care. 

This means if you’re planning on joining you’ll need to find alternative child care for children under 13 during your workout. 

How to solve your childcare problem when going to Planet Fitness

Low membership and extended hours might be two factors that make Planet Fitness appealing. You might also live close enough to one of these gyms to not have to drive too far. However, if you have a child under 13, you might be wondering what to do about child care during your gym sessions. I’ve compiled a list of some of the child care alternatives you can consider while you’re working out. 

  • Plan your gym schedule to coincide with your partner’s time at home
  • Hire a babysitter and share costs with a friend or another gym member
  • Alternate childcare with a fellow member
  • Search for a daycare center near the gym or on your way home
  • Ask a friend or relative to look after your child during the gym time 

Plan gym schedule around your partner’s schedule

The easiest (and quite possibly the cheapest) alternative is to plan your gym time around your partner’s schedule. If both parents attend the gym, draw up a schedule, where one parent goes to the gym and the other looks after the child. 

While this means you and your partner won’t be able to go together, it’s potentially cheaper and allows each parent to spend some quality time with the kids

One of the qualities of a good mother is being understanding, which can entail that you respect the needs of your partner.

Hire a babysitter and share costs with another member

A very convenient solution would be if another gym member or even a friend is in the same situation as you. That is, you both have young children that need daycare. In this instance, you could schedule your sessions together, hire a babysitter and share the costs.

Alternate with another member

Alternatively, you and another gym member could plan your sessions so that you go at different times. That means you will look after all the kids while the other member is at the gym. When it’s time for your session, they’ll be in charge of all the children

Search for a daycare close to the gym

A common option many parents choose is to find a daycare near the gym. This works well if you attend gym sessions every day or if both parents’ schedules don’t allow them to alternate sessions. In this instance, you can also look into home daycares in the area. Be sure to get references! 

Ask a friend or relative to assist with some “babysitting”

If a friend or relative lives close by and is available at the times of your sessions, you could ask for assistance. This might be cheaper than an actual babysitter. Alternatively, you could return the favor when your friend or relative needs someone to look after their kids.

It might also be a great way for your kids to spend time with their grandparents or favorite aunt. How about these Kickstarter projects for kids to keep your children occupied when they’re away from home?

When you want to go to Planet Fitness with an older child

As children get older, you might want to introduce them to working out as part of a healthy lifestyle. At what age can your older child join you at a Planet Fitness gym? Let’s find out! 

Can you bring your child as a guest to Planet Fitness?

Only children aged 13 and up can join Planet Fitness as a guest, provided they have parental permission on file at the gym. Without written parental permission, the child needs to be at least 18 years old to join the gym and use the facilities and equipment.

What’s the minimum age for joining Planet Fitness?

According to the Planet Fitness website, the minimum age of a child to join their gym is 13. The child will require their parent/legal guardian’s permission and must be present during sign-up. 

Children aged 13 & 14 must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during any workout sessions. Members aged 15 to 17 should have a signed waiver from the parent or guardian on file and don’t need to be accompanied by parents. This is for safety precautions when using the equipment. 

Does planet fitness offer family plans?

Many gyms and fitness centers offer family plans. Let’s take a closer look at how Planet Fitness fares in this regard. 

How much does the Planet Fitness family membership cost?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have a family member’s plan. Some of their membership types allow for adult guests to be added at a daily rate of $20. This is usually for the Black Card Membership type. Guests will need to bring the pass with each visit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include children younger than 13. 

Is it worth joining the Planet Fitness family membership?

While there’s no family membership for Planet Fitness members, at the time of writing this article, individual prices can start from an average of $49 per month for one person and about $72.95 for a dual contract. A dual contract allows for two adults and also comes with a maintenance fee of $49. 

Since there isn’t a family membership or daycare, some parents feel Planet Fitness isn’t worth it. Some parents however feel its lower prices make it perfect for beginners. 

If the daycare alternatives I’ve suggested don’t fit in with your schedule, there’s always the option of working out at home. I’ve included a short clip with a few workout moves for you and your partner to do at home! 


No child care facilities at your local Planet Fitness don’t mean you have to give up on your workout routine. Consider the alternatives I’ve listed and find a solution that benefits everyone! Another fitness studio that doesn’t offer childcare is Orangetheory, however, join LA Fitness – it does offer childcare!

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