Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus – Which Booster Car Seat for the Win?

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So, you’re looking for the best car booster seat on the market. And have to pick between the Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus. I’d say in terms of function, performance and safety, they’re both worth your money. The question is how much money are you willing to spend?

Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it, your precious bubba is much bigger, and no longer fits in the small car seat! Your only option is to buy a larger forward-facing booster. And the Graco Tranzitions and Nautilus are excellent options. But which is better? As a quick conclusion, I’d go for the Nautilus because of its more safety and comfort features as I discussed it in the article and in the conclusion.

Differences between Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

So I get right to the point, here are the differences between the two products so you can make your pick:

  • Reclining ability: Along with safety and function, let’s not forget your baby’s comfort. A car seat with reclining abilities allows you to adjust the seat accordingly depending on your baby’s weight for his comfort concerns. The Graco Nautilus has reclining abilities but the Graco Tranzitions doesn’t.
  • Safety: The Graco Nautilus uses True Shield technology for effective impact management in case of a collision but the Graco Tranzitions doesn’t. This makes the Nautilus much sturdier and safer.
  • Price: The Graco Nautilus is more expensive than the Graco Tranzitions. So if you’re working on a tight budget, pick the latter.
  • Weight: The Graco Tranzitions weighs only 18lb making it is much lighter than the Nautilus which weighs 21.8lb.The Tranzitions will come in handy if you have to constantly switch the car seat between cars.
  • Size: The Graco Tranzitions features a more streamlined design making it an excellent space saver and perfect for small cars. The Nautilus features a bulkier design.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Between the Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

At first glance, both car seats look almost the same. So much that picking one or the other is a no brainer to the average parent who doesn’t know much about the products. But let me go into more details so you’ll understand more what I meant in the previous section on the differences.

Yes, they’re both booster seats designed for toddlers. And both are from the leading brand Graco. But a closer look at these two car seat boosters will reveal that they do have a few differences. And that’s where I come in to enlighten you by unpacking their key similarities and differences. At the end of the article, you’ll know exactly which one to pick and why.

The Brand: More About Graco

Graco is no stranger to the baby market. And many parents, including myself, rave about their products. I would know because I know of many parents who have used Graco products when parenting their kids and they never disappoint.

Having been in the market for over 60 years, it’s apparent the brand has nailed the art of designing high-quality baby products. Graco is known for manufacturing baby products that are reliable and safe without compromising on comfort. Apart from car seats, Graco products also include strollers, travel systems, high chairs, baby swings, play yards.

Graco’s commitment to your baby’s safety is reassuring. The brand even has its own crash test facility in Georgia to ensure their car seats exceed the highest safety standards. How’s that for giving parents peace of mind?

Key Features to Look Out for in Any Baby Car Seat

But before we differentiate between the Graco Tranzitions and Nautilus, I’ll start by pointing out the key features you need to look out for when looking for any baby car seat:

Tested, Passed and Approved

I speak for most parents when I say safety is top of the list when picking a car seat. Accidents happen. A safe and secure car seat will keep your baby protected in the event of a collision or at least minimize injuries. How do you tell it’s safe? Opt for one that’s tested and meets the industry safety regulations outlined by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS).

A safe car seat is one tested for rear, forward-facing collision and side-impact. As mentioned, Graco not only meets these standards but further exceeds them by conducting their own in-house crash resistance tests.

Harness System

Still, on the subject of safety, it’s important to consider the safety harness system present on the car seat. Car seats can either have a three or five-point seat harness system. The latter is highly recommended as it’ll keep your baby securely strapped in offering ample protection.

Age and Weight Recommendation

When designing baby car seats, manufacturers stipulate the recommended age and weight capacity. Pay attention and adhere to them at all times. Depending on your child’s age, height and weight, you can either pick an infant seat, convertible car seat, or high back booster car seat.

Have a look at this video to know when is the right time to switch car seats.

Ease of Use

We all want what’s best for our babies. And some car seats look sleek and deserving of your baby. But always prioritize functionality over aesthetic appeal. Stay away from car seats with complicated operating instructions.

A car seat should be very simple to use. Buckling and unbuckling your child in and out of a car seat should be effortless. Always make sure the seat keeps your child securely strapped in during use.

There’s no use buying a fancy car seat that’s a nightmare to use or requires constant adjustment with each use. If anything, you might end up failing to secure your child in the seat the right way. And an improperly installed seat is extremely dangerous.

Ease of Cleaning

At the end of the day, you want a low maintenance seat that’s a breeze to clean. If you can get one that comes with a machine-washable removable cover, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Exploring the Graco Tranzitions and its Features

Now let’s explore the Graco Tranzitions and its specifications based on the key features highlighted above:

  • Safety: I’ll start with how the Graco Tranzitions fares with regards to safety. Thanks to the sturdy construction, it’s designed to keep your child protected in the event of a collision.
  • Harness System: The Graco Tranzitions has a no-rethread five-point harness which means you can adjust the seat without the need for rethreading. The five attachment points will restrain your child’s shoulders and hips securely to keep him safely strapped in.
  • Age and Weight Recommendation: The Graco Tranzitions is a versatile 3-in-1 car seat that’s designed for children who weigh 22lb and above. It’s used as a forward-facing car seat and not designed for newborns. And you have the option to turn it from a high booster to a backless booster when your kid is older.
  • Ease of Use: The Graco Tranzitions can either be installed using a latch or vehicle seat belt. But of course, the seat belt is only used when your child is older and weighs 45lb. Tranzitions aren’t the easiest to install in all cars so you may want to keep your receipt handy in case you fail to succeed in your own car!
  • Ease of Cleaning: The Graco Tranzitions is easy to clean up. This is because the seat features a removable cover you can easily clean using the washing machine.
  • Extra Features: The Graco Tranzitions comes with a few extra features which I’m certain your toddler will love such as the two cup holders.

Exploring the Grace Nautilus and its Features

Now let’s look at the Graco Nautilus and its features.

  • Safety: True to Graco’s safety standards, the Graco Nautilus is tested for side impact protection. Your little one is kept protected in the event of a crash.
  • Harness System: Like the Graco Tranzitions, the Nautilus also has a five-point safety harness system designed to keep your child safe and secure.
  • Age and Weight Recommendation: The Graco Nautilus is a front-facing car seat that can be converted from harness mode to booster mode. The weight recommendation for this seat is between 22lb and 100lb. This also means it can’t be used for newborns or smaller babies. Smaller babies must sit in the rear facing position until the recommended age of 2.
  • Ease Of Use: The Nautilus is much easier to install because it uses the Snuglock. You remove the cover, open the Snugtight door and run the belt behind the compartment.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Thankfully, the Graco Nautilus also features a removable machine washable cover. Make sure you use cold water and leave it to air dry.
  • Extra features: The Graco Nautilus also has two cup holders. You can place your little one beverage in one and a toy to keep her entertained in the other.

Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

This is a basic product designed for parents looking for a functional, practical and inexpensive car seat. The seat is designed to grow with your child making it a long-term investment.

It’s lightweight and portable making it perfect for parents who have to move the seat from one car to the next every now and again. Also, the narrow and streamlined design makes it ideal for parents with smaller cars and who want to maximize on legroom as their little one grows older.

It’s designed to meet the necessary safety standards so your little one is kept safe and protected throughout the ride.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions:19 x 17.4 x 26.5”
  • Weight: 18lb
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to adjust
  • Protects kids in the case of collisions


  • May be difficult to install in certain cars
  • Minimal padding on the seat
  • Harness sometimes gets twisted on the shoulders

Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3 in 1 Harness Booster Car

If you have some extra money to spend in a car seat, go all out and pick this versatile car seat. It’s designed to grow with your child and can be converted into a backless booster when your little one weighs 40lb. The side impact technology will give you that extra peace of mind in case of an accident.

You’ll find it very easy to get your baby in and out of the Graco Nautilus car seat. And it’s made of premium fabric that not only guarantees the unit’s longevity but your child’s comfort. The ample padding featured on the seat also contributes to your child’s comfort.

It comes complete with storage compartments to store a few baby essentials within reach.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions:18 x 20 x 28”
  • Weight:21.8lb
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Sturdy construction
  • Side impact protection
  • Plenty of padding


  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Pricy


Is Graco Tranzitions FAA approved?

The Graco Tranzitions is FAA approved only when being used in harness mode and not as a backless or high booster.

Can Graco Tranzitions be used rear-facing?

No, the Graco Tranzitions can’t be used for rear-facing, only forward. This means it’s specifically designed for older babies.

Can I use the Graco Nautilus for rear-facing?

Much like the Tranzitions, the Nautilus isn’t designed for rear-facing and therefore shouldn’t be used for newborns or small babies.

Final Thoughts

So which is the better buy between the Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus? I’d say pick the Nautilus if you’re not overly concerned with the price tag. Besides, the extra dollars will earn you an easy to use sturdy car seat with side impact technology, a padded seat and storage pockets.

If you’re however working on budget, the Tranzitions is also a good buy. It’s a reasonably priced car seat that gets the job done. Based on customer reviews, when it comes down to it, the seat is effective at protecting your little one in the event of a collision. Either way, you’ll get value for your money.

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