LEGO vs Mega Construx – Differences?

Lego and mega comparison

Almost all toddlers and small children reach that age where they just want to build, create with building blocks, and of course break down too. Two of the more popular brands you and (your children) might want to compare are LEGO vs Mega Construx. Especially when it comes to popularity, durability, and quality, you might have tons of questions.

My personal favorite has to be LEGO. While it’s true that its bricks are generally more expensive, they are often the best quality building blocks on the market. With their extensive range of themes and add-on packs, you’ll never be spoilt for choice. 

Differences and similarities – LEGO vs Mega Construx

There are several differences and similarities between LEGO vs Mega Construx. Some of these key points are discussed below. 


LEGO building blocks are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is simply referred to as ABS plastic. In 2020, LEGO announced that the brand will be removing single-use plastic from its packaging. Since 2018 they’ve been working on a bio-polyethylene (bio-PE) which is made extensively from sustainably sourced sugarcane. One of the biggest challenges faced by the brand has been to find a durable alternative to traditional plastic

Mega Construx is made from a clear plastic called polycarbonate which is similar to the type of plastic used in water bottles and food packaging. Like LEGO, Mega is working to replace the original plastic with a sugarcane-derived polyethylene alternative.


Any parent who has ever stepped on a LEGO block will agree, they’re quite sturdy! The ABS plastic LEGOs are remarkably strong and sturdy! A recent study showed that the average LEGO block can withstand 4,240 newtons which is the equivalent of 950 pounds!

Mega Construx bricks are however made of a lower quality type of plastic. This makes them less sturdy and easier to break than LEGO bricks. This is an option to consider if you want your building blocks to survive for your next child to enjoy! 


In general, LEGO bricks are more expensive than Mega Construx blocks. This is possibly because of the higher quality associated with LEGO kits. Their good reputation also means they can push their prices. Both brands have extensive kits available on Amazon. 

Where they’re made

LEGO was invented in 1949 by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark. The primary molding of most LEGO bricks is done in Billund, Denmark, Mexico and China. Packaging is then done in extensive LEGO plants in Hungary, Mexico and Kladno in the Czech Republic. 

Mega Construx on the other hand was invented by Marc Bertrand in 1967 in Canada. These days Mega Construx blocks are made primarily in China and passed onto distribution centers around the United States. 

Fame and popularity

LEGO is by far the most popular type of building block on the market. It’s estimated that about 19 billion LEGO pieces are manufactured and released every year. According to LEGO’s own internal statistics, they reached over 1,1 million children in 2021. 

With the various themes LEGO offers, they’re enjoyed by adults and children alike. LEGO is so popular that there are various competitions built around the brand. The LEGO robotic sets feature extensively in building competitions for children aged 9 – 14.

Mega Construx bricks are the second-best seller of construction blocks worldwide with 11% of their total toy sales being attributed to their bricks. For even more options for your child’s toy box, another comparison you should consider reading is LEGO compared to Lepin.


LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 Building Toy Set for Back to School, Toy Storage Solution for Classrooms, Interactive Building Toy for Kids, Boys, and Girls

LEGO themes are very popular among children and adults alike. One of the most popular LEGO kits is the LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box which features 790 pieces. A quick browse online still shows immense positive feedback, proving that the traditional bricks are still the most popular. 

A big drawcard to the traditional kits is their versatility. Aside from being able to build a wide variety of designs, they can easily be added to other kits to enhance or create entirely new designs. Other popular traditional LEGO kits include the LEGO Classic Creator Fun 11011 Bricks which features 1500 pieces and even boasts bricks to create animals. 

In addition to the ever-popular traditional sets, LEGO also offers extensive themed kits. LEGO owns the rights to a wide variety of popular themes related to well-known movies and T.V. series. Some of these are listed below. 

Popular theme sets

I’ve included a simple clip to show your little ones just how easy it is to build a LEGO house! When they get add-on kits, they can easily add extra features and end up building a mini-city!


  • Wide selection
  • More poseable (bendable, especially for characters)
  • Simple, easy to build designs
  • Quality product
  • Long-standing reputation
  • Can mix and match different sets


  • Can be costly
View on Amazon

Mega Construx

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 Building Toy Set for Back to School, Toy Storage Solution for Classrooms, Interactive Building Toy for Kids, Boys, and Girls

Mega Construx, like LEGO, also has a wide variety of themes based on popular T.V. series and movies enjoyed by both children and adults. Some of the more well-liked Mega Construx kits are listed below. 

Popular sets


  • Different themes to standard Lego options
  • More affordable


  • Can be difficult to find
  • Quality is often spotty
View on Amazon

First-time builders usually start with something simple. One of the more popular Mega Construx Bloks sets for little ones is Pokemon. Watch this short clip to show your little one how to have fun with the Pokemon set.

Is Mega Construx compatible with LEGO?

Yes, LEGO blocks are compatible with most mega Construx blocks but they’re not exactly the same, since Mega Construx tends to make blocks that are of lower quality. Also, sizes and shapes aren’t identical, so some blocks may not fit. Still, depending on you and your kid’s preferences, the odd-sized Mega Construx blocks may be a good buy! 

Which one to choose: LEGO or Mega Construx?

Firstly, note that the market caters to various preferences, so these aren’t the only brands to consider. You might be interested in deciding between Mega Bloks or LEGO brands, too.

Still, as I mentioned earlier, my favorite brand is LEGO. Its long-standing presence in many of our childhoods might have something to do with that! But, it doesn’t mean that your little one won’t have fun if you opt for the Mega Construx kits. 

Essentially, choose LEGO if you enjoy the durability and versatility of these blocks. With a set like LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box with its general quality and enough pieces to be extremely creative, you’ll have building blocks that can be enjoyed for years to come. Opt for Mega Construx if you prefer their budget-friendly options!

The good news is, both sets of building blocks will provide your children with hours of entertainment! Since some kits are compatible with each other, you could provide an entirely different playing experience if you mix and match!

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