79 Names for Step Grandma [Sassy & Cool & Unique]

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Marrying into another family means your children will have step-parents, siblings, and sometimes step-grandparents. But there’s also the situation where you may have a stepparent and your children may not know what to call them, especially a step-grandma. So that’s why I’ve found some names for step-grandma that may help your family.

Should a child call a step grandma “grandma”?

A child can call their step-grandma “grandma”. However, this will depend on what the step-grandma means to the child. Since there may be two grandmas in this situation you’d maybe want to give the step-grandma a different name such as grandmama or nanna

Giving a biological grandmother and step-grandma a unique name will make them both feel special. What’s more, it will help your child differentiate between the two grandmas.

Use Your Name After The Word Grandma

Another idea to name your step-grandma is by adding her name after the word grandma. For example, if the step grandma’s name is Carol then the child can use “Grandma Carol”. You can also do the same with granny or grandmother: 

  • Granny Carol 
  • Grandmother Carol 

It will all depend on the grandmother’s preference and what the child prefers to call the step-grandmother.  

Unique names for a step grandma

If you want unique names for a step-grandma then the following list is for you. You may find a name that you and your step-grandma will love. 

  1. Nona 
  2. Glamma
  3. Baba
  4. Gaga 
  5. Coco
  6. Glunky 
  7. Biffy 
  8. Memaw
  9. Grams 
  10. Cookie 
  11. Bibi
  12. Gram cracker 
  13. Mimzy 
  14. Oma 
  15. Cha-cha
  16. Pipp
  17. Granny Pie
  18. Ouma
  19. MooMaw
  20. Marmee

Sassy names for a step grandma

If your step-grandma is still young then you may want your children to give her a name that’s sassy to fit with her age. Here are a few ideas. 

  1. Toots
  2. Yaya
  3. Lolli
  4. G-Madre
  5. Lolla
  6. Glamma
  7. Nonni
  8. Abuela
  9. Mimi 
  10. Gaga
  11. Gigi
  12. Tutu
  13. Savta
  14. Gogo
  15. Lala
  16. Birdy 
  17. Mama
  18. Dama
  19. Amma
  20. Pam-ma

Cool names for a step grandma 

There are some cool names for a step-grandma that’s young and down to earth. Choose from the list below if your step-grandma is the coolest woman around. 

  1. Birdy 
  2. Coco
  3. Bubba
  4. Yannie-Yannie
  5. Suggy
  6. Geema
  7. Gigi 
  8. Ooma
  9. Nannzy
  10. Jama 
  11. Nanna
  12. Nam-nam
  13. Nene
  14. Kitty
  15. MayMay
  16. Mawa
  17. Mumu
  18. Zaza
  19. Neena
  20. Teenie

Badass step grandma names

Does your step-grandma have a badass streak? Then these names might be fitting for her. I even wrote another article with a lot of badass names for grandmas.

  1. Babushka 
  2. Gadji 
  3. G-ma
  4. Babs
  5. Mima
  6. Yaya
  7. Bacia
  8. Mhamo 
  9. Ayeeyo

Trendy names for a step-grandma

A step-grandma may want a name that’s more trending and fits with the current times. So the list of the following names may work well for her. 

  1. Vovo
  2. Gammy 
  3. Gab-gab
  4. Genie 
  5. Grammers
  6. Nanz
  7. Neena
  8. Zaza
  9. Meemz
  10. Bubbles

Other Ways To Choose A Nickname For A Step Grandma

If you’re not sure about the above names I’ve mentioned then there are many other ways you can name a step-grandma. Simply ensure that the name you choose is respectful and fits well with your step grandmother’s personality. Take a look at the following ideas to help you choose a name for your step grand that your entire family will love. 

Let Your Stepchild Call You

Sometimes it’s best to allow the child to decide on the name for a step-grandma. The child may then be able to remember the name better especially if your kid is still a toddler learning how to speak. The step-grandchild may then be able to build a stronger bond with the step-grandma by giving her an enduring name that she’ll love. 

However, make sure that the name your child decides to give the step-grandma is respectful, sweet, and endearing. Most grandmas are sweet and loving especially towards their grandchildren so they’ll need a name that describes their sunny dispositions

Take Ideas from Other Languages 

If you’re all out of ideas you can take names for a step-grandmother from other languages. There are some interesting words for grandma and grandmother in other languages such as Spanish, Hebrew, and even Russian. Here are some examples for you: 

  • Bacia – Polish
  • Bubbe – Yiddish 
  • Vovo – Portuguese
  • Savta – Hebrew 
  • Nonna – Italian 
  • Tutu – Hawaiian 
  • YaYa – Greek  

As you can see the names are short and easy to remember. Some are cool while others are cute. Pick one that suits your step-grandma. 

See What’s Trending 

There are some step grandmas that might still be very young such as in their late 30s or early 40s. So you’ll want to choose a nickname for her that’s trending and that will suit her young and vibrant nature. You can find trending names from TV shows or even what children of today are calling their grandparents. 

You can also search through name books to find a trending name for your step-grandmother. Trending names aren’t classic names but ones that are used in a specific year or era. The most trending names for grandma could be Gammy or Gamgam

Ideas from Books and Movies 

Books and movies sometimes use unique names for their characters. Grandmother may be too formal for some families so you can search through popular culture to see what characters are naming their grandparents. 

For example, in the TV show The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is a character that loves his grandmother. He calls her “Meemaw” which is US slang for grandma. This name can be used for step grandmothers who are young or elderly.  

Develop Your Own Unique Name 

Another way to name your step-grandmother is by developing your very own unique name. You can come up with names that you think will suit your step-grandmother similar to how you find unique names for the pets you love. 

You could also try a free name generator if you’re unsure on how to create your own unique name. 

Consider Using an Anagram of the Name 

An anagram is when you take the letters of a word and mix them up to make a completely new name. For example, there is a character in the Harry Potter series whose name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He mixed the letters of his birth name to create the name Lord Voldemort. 

The same concept can be used for your step grandmother’s name. Mix the letters up to create a new unique nickname and then place grandma before the name. 

Here is a YouTube video that shows you how to create an Anagram for names. 

Final Thoughts

Your step-grandma isn’t the only person you can create a unique name for. There are also ways to choose a nickname for a stepmom or a nickname for a stepdad. As you can see there are many ways you can choose cool, unique, or cute names for a step-grandma that she will love. 

If your children are young make sure you choose a name that’s easy for them to pronounce. Or choose one of the 79 names I’ve provided above to make it easier for you. There are short, and long names from different languages that may work well for your step-grandma.

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