79 Names for Step-Grandpa [Cool & Unique?!]

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Finding ideal names for step-grandpa can be difficult. You want to choose a name that’s masculine but also one that your step-grandpa will love. To assist you I’ve found the top 79 names for a step grandpa that the entire family will appreciate. 

I’ve included cool and unique names for young grandpas and those who are elderly. There are also shorter names so that younger step-grandchildren can pronounce the name easily. 

Should a child call a step grandpa “grandpa”?

A step-grandchild can call their step-grandpa “grandpa”. However, this will depend on the relationship between the child and the step-grandfather. If they’re close then calling him grandpa will be fitting. If it’s a new grandfather that became a grandparent through marriage then perhaps a nickname would be better for the step-grandpa

Having a step-grandfather means that there will also most likely be a biological grandfather. You may want to choose different nicknames for both grandparents so that the children don’t get confused with what to call them. 

Use Your Name After The Word Grandpa

If you have a step-grandparent you could always include their name after the word grandpa. For example, if the granddad’s name is Neil you can call him Grandpa Neil. You can also use the same concept with grandad or grandfather: 

  • Granddad Neil 
  • Grandfather Neil 

This will be a sign of respect for the grandparents and it also gives them a chance to be closer to the family. 

Unique names for a step grandpa

If you’re looking for a completely unique name for your step grandpa then the following list of names may work well for you. These names aren’t used as often so choose one that will suit your step grandpa. 

  1. Boppa 
  2. Pops
  3. Pawpaw
  4. Popsy 
  5. Pappsy 
  6. Bubba
  7. Poppop 
  8. Babu
  9. Jaddi
  10. Oupa 
  11. Buz 
  12. Geepa
  13. Pip 
  14. Timer 
  15. Boomer 
  16. Bop
  17. Beepa 
  18. Baboo
  19. Banpa
  20. Granddadoo

Cool names for a step grandpa 

Some step grandpas simply have that cool streak. So you need a name that will fit with their laid-back personalities. Here are some ideas you’ll love. 

  1. G-pa
  2. Granddude 
  3. Dodie 
  4. Grandi 
  5. Pawpaw
  6. Peepaw
  7. Rocky 
  8. Pepe
  9. Pogo
  10. Vinvin
  11. G-pop 
  12. Morfar 
  13. Babu 
  14. Bompa
  15. G-dog
  16. Tutu Kane 
  17. Saba 
  18. Grand-pere
  19. Granddaz 
  20. Pappi 

Badass step-grandpa names

Badass step grandpas may be war veterans or someone who is incredibly street smart. Here are some fitting names for a step grandpa that’s super badass! And if you’re looking for a badass name for your grandma, I also got you covered.

  1. Dedushka 
  2. Ace
  3. Chief 
  4. Coach
  5. GrandChamp 
  6. G-Paw
  7. Popster  
  8. Toppop 
  9. Jitto 
  10. Sofu 
  11. Grand Biggie 
  12. Umpapa
  13. Bo
  14. Hammy 
  15. Beeba 
  16. Jid 
  17. Farfar 
  18. Skipper
  19. Grand buster 
  20. Grandpoppa

Trendy names for a step grandpa

For step grandpas that are still young and energetic, you may want to choose a name for them that’s trending. Here are a few trending names that your step-grandpa will love

  1. Grampster 
  2. Peach 
  3. G-paps 
  4. Bumby 
  5. Boppa
  6. Papa grey 
  7. Geedad
  8. Duke
  9. Grady
  10. Pepper
  11. Oppi 
  12. Lito 
  13. Vo 
  14. Oups 
  15. Granite 
  16. Grandpee
  17. Boss
  18. Boom-pa 
  19. Old timer 

Other Ways To Choose A Nickname For A Step Grandpa

If none of the above names suit your step-grandfather there are many other ways you can choose a nickname for him. Some people use popular culture while others may get their names from friends or acquaintances. Here are other ideas for you to choose from. 

Let Your Stepchild Call You

If you can’t think of a cool or unique name for your step-granddad then perhaps you should leave it up to the step grandchildren to name him. Sometimes children can create names that are fitting for their grandparents. 

Younger children may choose a name that’s short and easy. Older children may choose a cool name that’s trendy. Make sure the name the children choose is respectful and fits the stepgrandfather’s personality well

See What the Celebrities Are Called

There are hundreds of older male celebrities that have grandchildren. Some of these celebrities have unique names. You could use these names as inspiration for your step-grandpa. For example, Martin Sheen’s grandchildren call him Peach. Lionel Richie’s grandchildren call him G-Pa

These are fun and unique nicknames that you can give to your step-grandfather which can be different from your biological granddad’s nickname.  

Use a Name Generator 

Name generators help parents name their children. Some name generators even help businesses come up with unique names for their companies or logos. 

There are free name generators on the internet that can help you create a fun and unique name for your step-granddad. By using keywords or your step-grandpa’s first name the generator will mix the letters up to create a new name. Ideally, you want to choose a free program that’s going to be easy to use. 

Nicknames from TV Shows or Movies 

There are names that you can get from popular TV shows or movies. Most movies and books stick to classic names such as Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Then there are other names such as Al “Pops” Solomon from The Goldbergs.

Choose from the hundreds of famous TV or book granddads to find a cool or unique name for your step-grandpa.   

Classic Names 

You can never go wrong with classic names because they always suit the older generation. For example, some young people may call an elderly man an old-timer which is a name to describe someone who is extremely experienced. It’s also the perfect name for a step-grandpa. You can shorten it to Timer for a unique and trendy twist. 

Grandfather is also another classic name but it may be too formal for children in this day and age. So you may want to use an alternative such as Gramps. The name Gramps is still a classic name but with a more trending sound to it. 

Grandpa in Other Languages  

Another way to name your grandpa is by translating the word into other languages. There are cool and unique names in other languages for Grandpa. Here are a few examples:

  • Oupa – Africans 
  • Pepe – French Canadian 
  • Opa – German 
  • Dedushka – Russian 

As you can see there are some translations that make great names for a step-granddad in English. My favorite is Dedushka. There are thousands of others that you can choose from. Simply use Google Translate to translate grandpa into other languages to find the best one. 

With that being said, here is a YouTube video that explains how to say grandpa in Hebrew and its origins. 

Final Thoughts

Your step-grandpa isn’t the only person you can find a cool or unique name for. You can also create a name for your stepmom or create a name for your stepdad that perfectly fits your stepparents’ personalities. There are also unique names for a step-grandma that you might love too. 

Choose from one of the 79 names I’ve found above or you can create a unique name from a generator, anagram, or simply translate the word “grandpa” into another language. There are plenty of ways to create a name that your step-grandpa will love. Simply make sure that the name you choose is respectful and fits his personality well.

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