Pampers vs Huggies Wipes – What’s the Difference?

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Do you want to know which baby wipes are ideal for your little one? I’ve done my research on Pampers vs Huggies wipes and have the low down on these products. I’ve found that Huggies wipes are the superior choice because of their thick layering and their expert formulation that is gentle on your baby’s skin.

In today’s article, I’ll be comparing wipes from these two leading brands. I’ve put together a buyer’s guide, product reviews, and a handy FAQ section to help you with your purchase decision. I’ve been cleaning sensitive areas of my daughter for 1.5 years and I had to do the research and experience to find the right one for her.

Picking Between the Two Brands – What You Need to Know

Baby wipes are used in many different aspects of parenthood. From being a vital component in the diapering process to being used to wipe runny noses, messy faces, and unfortunate spills. Reading through a buyer’s guide is crucial before purchasing a product. This section will provide you with information about the brands and the reliability of their products to help you make a conscientious decision on which wipes will better the diaper changing process.

A Bit About the Brands

Pampers and Huggies are both popular brands but there are aspects that you must be aware of before deciding which one to pick.

Huggies has been the vendor for baby diapers since the 70s. They were first test-marketed in 1968 and then introduced to the public 10 years later. The company is marketed by Kimberly Clark, a company that produces paper-based consumer goods. Since the company’s inception, Huggies continuously makes changes to its products to provide comfort and safety to your baby.

The brand produces an assortment of diapers for babies and toddlers and now they have their own baby wipes ranges that are dermatologically tested for everyday use. All Huggies wipes have moisturizers such as aloe vera extract that doubles as a natural antibacterial. There’s also Caprylyl Glycol to condition your baby’s skin and each wipe has 99% purified water. Huggies offers both unscented products for sensitive skin and fragranced wipes for a fresh finish.

Now, onto Pampers. In 1951 a man by the name of Victor Mills didn’t enjoy using cloth diapers on his newborn grandchild – and who can blame him? Mills was a researcher for Proctor & Gamble and so he assigned his fellow co-workers the task of finding a way to make a disposable diaper. By 1961, Pampers was introduced to the market and has been marketed by Proctor & Gamble ever since.

The brand produces highly absorbent diapers and highly effective baby wipes that are dermatologically tested and are suitable for cleaning hands, feet, bottoms, and whatever other body parts you can think of! These wipes are made with zero alcohol or perfumes and each wipe comes with a pH balance lotion to moisturize your baby’s skin. Each wipe is soft as cotton.

The Differences Between Huggies and Pampers

Straight off the bat: Huggies products are generally regarded to be ever so slightly less reliable than Pampers products. But when it comes to baby wipes in specific, the comparison is much more evenly matched. Huggies wipes are considered to be thicker and more absorbent – which means that you’ll use fewer wipes and your wallet will thank you for this in the long run. Pampers wipes are gentle, and super soft, and leave your baby’s skin feeling fresh and moisturized. There are six different types of Huggies wipes available: Simply Clean Fresh Scent, Nourish and Care, Fragrance Free, Special Delivery, Natural Care Sensitive, and Refreshing. Pampers offers four wipe options: Sensitive, Fresh Clean, Aqua Pure, and Expression Wipes.

The Similarities Between Huggies and Pampers

While the two brands have many differences as you can see above, they do share a few similarities. Neither brand uses alcohol or dyes in their wipes and so the risk of burning is vastly decreased. Both Huggies and Pampers are sold in over 50 countries and offer various types of wipes that can be used for diapering, general hygiene, sanitation purposes and for babies that have sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If neither Huggies nor Pampers ticks all of your boxes, all hope is not lost as there are many other baby wipe options available to you. While I won’t bore you by listing each and every one of the alternative brands I can give you a few examples. You can purchase baby wipes from The Honest Company, Babyganics and WaterWipes. Heck, even Amazon has its own brand of baby wipes being Amazon Elements!

Product Reviews

Huggies Simply Clean Fresh Scent

The Simply Clean Fresh Scent baby wipes are versatile and can be used to clean any type of mess. Whether you’re using them for diaper changes or to clean chocolate off of your little one’s cheeks, these wipes will get the job done quickly. They have TripleClean layers and are scented.

Huggies Nourish and Care

Huggies Nourish and Care wipes are specifically designed for diaper changes. Its list of ingredients includes cocoa and shea butter to leave your baby’s skin feeling refreshed – and smelling delicious! These wipes are 20% thicker and have a cloth-like feel.

Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free

Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free wipes can be used as a multipurpose wipe. It has TripleClean layers and is available in fun Disney designed which makes cleaning up fun for the little ones too!

Huggies Special Delivery

The Special Delivery wipes are free from artificial dyes, alcohol and fragrances. They have been specially designed for babies who have sensitive skin or those who are suffering from diaper rashes. These wipes are soft and have 99% purified water to ensure your little one’s bottom is cleaned thoroughly yet gently.

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive wipes are for babies that experience skin allergies. The wipes are alcohol free and so they won’t burn your baby’s skin. Instead, they gently clean your baby’s skin while moisturizing it for added comfort.

Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Wipes

Last up we have the Huggies Natural Care Refreshing wipes. These wipes are free from chemicals and have a light scent that smells extremely – you guessed it – refreshing. They are thick and absorbent and can clean up even the toughest of baby messes.

Pampers Sensitive

Pampers Sensitive wipes were made with newborn babies in mind. They are designed to use in between diaper changes to protect your baby’s skin and to thoroughly clean difficult areas. It doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue and are soft, thick and have a cloth-like feel.

Pampers Complete Clean Fresh Scent

Pampers Complete Clean Fresh Scent wipes are multipurpose wipes. You can use them to clean your child during diapering or even as a hand sanitizer or surface cleaner. The wipes are also free from dyes and alcohol. Should you wish to opt for an unscented version of this wipe the option is available.

Pampers Expression Wipes

The Pampers Expression wipes have a beautiful botanical scent and leave your baby’s skin feeling refreshed. It’s a multipurpose wipe that is water-based so as not to leave behind any unwanted residue on the skin.

Pampers Aqua Pure

Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are made with 99% water. These are hypoallergenic wipes so they’re suitable for babies that are allergy-prone. Aqua Pure wipes have a cotton-like feel to them so they are ideal for usage on sensitive skin.


What are Huggies baby wipes made of?

Huggies baby wipes are made up of 99% purified liquid water, ultra-absorbent cellulose fiber and polypropylene microfibers. The brand states that its baby wipes are non-toxic and safe for usage on all healthy skin.

Are Pampers baby wipes safe for the face?

Since Pampers baby wipes and Huggies baby wipes are both free from alcohol and dyes they are safe for the face. Even so, it’s advised to avoid direct contact with the eye area.

Do Huggies baby wipes expire?

Yes, they do. Once opened the wipes will keep for approximately a year provided they are properly sealed, kept out of direct sunlight and are stored at room temperature. Unopened, a pack of Huggies baby wipes has an average shelf life of two years. Read more about this topic in my separate article I wrote just on baby wipe expiration dates.

Are Pampers baby wipes biodegradable?

Unfortunately, neither Pampers nor Huggies’ wipes are biodegradable. In fact, very few mainstream baby wipe brands are. In addition, they are also not flushable and need to be properly disposed of.

Is Huggies cruelty-free?

Yes, Huggies is cruelty-free and has explicitly stated that they do not test any of their products on animals. In my research, I stumbled across various sources that claimed Pampers is not cruelty-free however the sources were not credible and the brand has not commented on its cruelty-free status so I can’t speak for Pampers.

How many baby wipes should I buy?

An important factor to consider when budgeting is estimating how many wipes you’ll need per month and per year. This should help you decide how many to buy in advance so you won’t run out of them suddenly. Note that a lot of times you can return wipes to selected stores.


So now that you’ve gone through the buyer’s guide, skimmed over the product reviews, and checked out the frequently asked questions – your preferred brand should be evident. While both brands are the producers of brilliant baby wipes, this time it’s Huggies baby wipes that get my vote.

Even though Pampers is also a trusted brand that offers high-quality baby wipes, they only have four options to pick from while Huggies offers six. If you have a newborn baby with hypersensitive skin then you should opt for the Huggies Natural Care Sensitive wipes. If you’re just looking for a general wipe then you can’t go wrong with the Huggies Simply Clean. Don’t let diaper changes get the better of you – let Huggies wipes transform your diapering experience.

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