Pull-ups for a Boy vs Girl – Differences Explained

Pull-ups girl/boy comparison

Pull-ups are diapers that are meant for toddlers who are in the process of potty training. The pull-ups are put on similar to underpants but work the same as diapers. Pull-ups for a boy vs girl have differences in terms of gender-based designs. 

One of the main differences between pull-ups for girls and boys is where the absorbency pad is located. The absorbency pad for boys will be located in the front whereas the absorbency pad for girls will be in the middle. The color and designs of the pull-ups will also differ for boys and girls.  

Differences between pull-ups for boys and girls explained

Some parents may want to buy boy pull-ups for girls or vice versa. But will this be problematic? In this section, I’ll talk about the difference between the two pull-ups to help you make your decision. 


The absorbency of boy and girl pull-ups is virtually the same. The boy pull-ups will have the same level of absorbency as the girl pull-ups. However, the difference is where the absorbency pad is located. The location for the absorbency pad will be in the middle for girls and in the front for boys. 


You can clearly see the difference between boy and girl pull-ups when you look at the design and colors of the two products. Boys’ pull-ups typically have cartoons and cars on the material and they come in blue. These images and colors are associated with male toddlers. 

On the other hand, girl pull-ups may be pink with pictures of princesses, Minnie Mouse, or flowers on the material. These images are associated with female toddlers. 

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Can a boy wear girl pull-ups after all?

Boys can wear girl pull-ups. Some parents state that they haven’t experienced any differences when allowing their boys to wear girl pull-ups. Although the absorbent pad is slightly more in the middle, boys can wear girl pull-ups without them leaking. 

Brands and their gender specificity regarding pull-ups

Are Pampers easy-ups unisex?

If you don’t want gender-specific pull-ups then you’ll be happy to know that Pampers Easy Up is unisex. This means that they’re designed for both boys and girls to wear. What’s more, this means that your toddler has more of a choice of which designs they’d like to wear. 

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So if your daughter likes blue she’s able to choose blue pull-ups as opposed to pink ones with princesses on them. But remember that there is a difference between diapers and pull-ups so be sure to pick the correct pampers product when you shop for them. 

Or you can choose another type of product from Pampers. Read my article comparing Pampers Cruisers 360 vs pull ups to choose a product suitable for your child. 

Are Huggies pull-ups unisex?

Huggies pull-ups are gender-specific. This means they’re not unisex. Huggies pull-ups for boys come in a variety of designs with either Mickey Mouse or Buzz Lightyear on them. The Huggies pull-ups for girls have pictures of Minnie Mouse on them. Huggies pull-up comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your growing baby boy or girl. 

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Is there a difference between boy and girl pull-ups for nighttime?

The absorbency pad for both boys’ and girls’ pull-ups will be the same for nighttime and daytime pull-ups. However, some parents say that boys’ pull-ups are ideal for girls that sleep on their stomachs because the absorbency pad is located in the front. 

Is there a difference between boys’ and girls’ Goodnites?

The difference between boys and girls Goodnites is the size of the absorbency pad. The girls’ Goodnites have a larger absorbency pad so it covers a wider area to prevent leaks. On the other hand, the boys’ Goodnites absorbency pad is simply located in the font. 

Most parents purchase the girls’ Goodnites for their boys because of the larger absorbency pad. Some also state that the sides are stretchier compared to the boys’ Goodnites. 

Goodnights aren’t unisex pull-ups so they may come in a variety of gender-specific designs and colors. They produce pull-ups larger than 5T as well, e.g. size 6 when your child gets bigger.

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Potty training for boys vs girls using pull-ups

Pull-ups and training pants are a great alternative to disposable diapers. The actual training of a girl and boy with pull-ups will be different. This is because boys stand when they urinate and girls need to sit when they use the toilet. 

Firstly, it’s important not to rush the process. Regardless of your child’s gender, it’s going to take some time to potty train them. Another factor to remember is that children are good at mimicking their parents so use this to your advantage when potty training your child. Dads can show their sons how it’s done and mums can show their daughters how to use the toilet. 

As a father I actually found a way to potty train my daughter: I also sat down to urinate so she can learn from both me and my fiancée. 🙂

It can be difficult to potty train a boy because they require both sitting and standing to use the toilet. Fathers can show their sons the correct way to urinate by placing a small piece of paper in the toilet or potty to teach them how to aim. 

Take a look at this YouTube video to find other easy methods.


Now that you know the difference between boy and girl pull-ups you don’t have to settle for gender-specific products. You can opt for unisex pull-ups that have the same absorbency, and designs and colors your child will love regardless of their gender. If you want unisex products choose either the Huggies or Pampers Easy Ups.

I like Huggies very much especially when your child needs to go to daycare or a preschool since some of the pull-ups from them have velcro sides. This can become crucial since these places might request that your little one wears pull-ups with velcro sides.

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