Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides for Daycare and Preschool

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When the time comes to sending your toddler to daycare or preschool, teachers may request they wear pull-ups with velcro sides. These pull-ups have good absorbency for those times when your little one doesn’t make it to the toilet on time. They’re also useful for toddlers still being potty-trained. 

Pull-ups that come with velcro sides make it easy to do quick checks and for adjusting the waist size for absolute comfort. I highly recommend the Huggies range of pull-ups with resealable sides. But, I’ll also take you through the popular Walmart Parent’s Choice and Target up & up pull-ups. 

Brands and Their Pull-Up Products With Velcro Sides

1. Huggies

2. Up and up (by Target)

3. Parent’s Choice (by Walmart)

Huggies Pull-ups With Velcro Sides

Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time Potty Training

Pull-Ups Boys' Night-Time Potty Training Pants, Size 3T-4T Overnight Training Underwear (32-40 lbs), 60 Ct

Huggies Pull-ups Night Time training pants come in both boys’ and girls’ designs. Your child will feel like a “big kid” even at nighttime wearing these. They’re ultra-comfortable and will keep your toddler dry if there’s an accident during the night.

Why to Consider It

These pull-ups are extra-absorbent for overnight wearing. The velcro sides make it easy to change in the middle of the night. You can also customize the waistband to fit your child comfortably and the stretchy sides add to the comfort of wearing these pull-ups at nighttime. 

When transitioning your toddler to potty training, these nighttime pull-ups ensure there’s no regression during the process.

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Huggies Pull-Ups Cool and Learn

Pull-Ups Cool & Learn Girls' Training Pants, 2T-3T, 94 Ct

These pull-ups teach your toddler when it’s time to use the potty. They come in gender-specific patterns and colors. The training pants are designed to look just like proper underwear so your kid will feel all grown up when wearing them. 

Why to Consider It

Your toddler will notice a cooling sensation as soon as they wet these pull-ups. This encourages them to use the potty. The refastenable velcro sides make it easy to check on the go and to take off the pants for a quick change. 

Your toddler will feel independent being able to pull their own pants up and down without any help. The stretchy waistband means you can customize the training pants to fit your little one comfortably. 

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Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs

The Learning Designs pull-ups can be used for both day and night protection. The boys’ design has extra protection exactly where boys need it! The leg fit has also been designed to give your toddler extra comfort while preventing leaks. The pull-ups are available in sizes from 2T to 5T.

Why to Consider It

These training pants come with resealable sides for quick checks and easy changes. The stretchy sides make it simple for your toddler to pull the pants up and down. The underwear design also cultivates your child’s “Big Kid” independence. 

Another smart feature with these pull-ups is that the wetness indicator fades when the pants get wet. This helps your toddler to learn when to go to the toilet. Your toddler will also love the Disney characters displayed on the pull-ups. 

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Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf – Plant Based & Hypoallergenic

Pull-Ups New Leaf Boys' Disney Frozen Potty Training Pants, 4T-5T (38-50 lbs), 60 Ct

If you’re looking for extra-soft pull-up pants, then the Huggies New Leaf are the winners! Made with plant-based materials, your toddler will feel comfortable all day long when wearing these training pants. You can also have peace of mind your little one’s skin will be protected with hypoallergenic materials. 

Why to Consider It

Besides keeping your toddler’s skin protected, these pull-ups have high absorbency, giving up to 12 hours of protection making them suitable for nighttime and daytime wear. An adjustable waistband and stretchy sides add to the comfort of wearing this underwear. And, your little one will easily be able to pull them up and down, independently.

A wetness indicator that fades when pull-ups get wet teaches your toddler to stay dry. The Disney Frozen characters will delight your little one every time they wear a pair of New Leaf pull-ups. 

When looking at any of the Huggies Pull-Up for a Boy vs a Girl designs, you’ll discover there are some differences such as absorbent zone location, patterns, and colors. 

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Watch what parents have to say about using Huggies Pull-Ups with their own toddlers.

Up and Up (by Target) Pull-ups With Velcro Sides

Target brand pull-ups, Up & Up are a popular choice for many parents potty-training their toddlers. They’re more affordable than the Huggies range of pull-ups while not compromising on useful features such as velcro sides. 

The up & up selection includes designs for boys and girls in various sizes (2T – 5T) and count. A fade-when-wet indicator helps you know when it’s time to change pants. They also offer nighttime pull-ups. 

  • Boys’ Training Pants – Up & Up: Comes with an ultra-absorbent inner layer and breathable outer cover which keeps your child’s skin dry. The underwear design includes stretchy sides for easy up and down motions. They also have refastenable sides. 
  • Girls’ Training Pants – Up & Up: Includes all the same features as the boys’ training pants but comes in pretty colors and patterns for little girls. A low-fit waist makes for comfortable wearing. 
  • Nighttime Underwear – Up & Up: These are designed for both boys and girls with a stars and moons pattern. They include a super-absorbent core for extra protection overnight. The velcro sides open quietly. 

Parent’s Choice (by Walmart) Pull-ups With Velcro Sides

The well-known Walmart sells a range of pull-ups from various baby brands. They also have their own brand of training pants available. The Parent’s Choice is an affordable product that’s also the company’s fastest-growing baby brand

The brand offers gender-specific designs, with their own cute patterns and colors. The training pants are available in sizes from 2T to 5T and in 17, 56, and 70 counts

The pull-ups have a stretchy waistband for customizable fit as well as elasticized legs for extra comfort. Resealable sides make it easy to do quick checks and changes while the underwear design is simple enough for your little one to pull up and down on their own. 

Why to Use Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides

  • Promotes “Big Kid” independence with underwear design while being easy to pull up and down without the help of others.
  • Allows parents to do a quick check-in to ensure whether a change is needed or not.
  • Makes it easy to do a change with minimum fuss.
  • Let’s parents adjust the size making the pull-ups more comfortable when wearing them. 
  • Velcro sides are refastenable which means you don’t need to rip the sides open when checking. 

What About Pampers Pull-ups With Velcro Sides?

When looking at the Pampers Cruisers, Cruisers 360, or Easy Up as a pull-up option, they do have some great features. These include stretchy sides, adjustable waistband, and good absorbency plus leak-proof leg fits. Your toddler will easily be able to pull these training pants up and down themselves. The Pampers Easy-Ups training pants are also designed to look just like underwear. 

Do Easy-Ups Have Velcro Sides?

The main difference between Pampers Easy-Ups and other brands’ pull-ups is the sides. The Pampers’ design doesn’t have velcro sides. Instead, they have easy-rip sides which are ripped apart when changing your little one’s soiled pants. 


When it’s time to introduce your toddler to potty training you may be tossing up between diapers or pull-ups when transitioning. 

Pull-ups such as the Huggies range do make it easier for your little one to start getting used to using the potty. But, if you’re looking for similar features at a more affordable cost, consider Target and Walmart’s brand of pull-ups.

Now you should be ready to address the requests of preschool teachers, be it Goddard, Primrose or some other ones.

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