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Stokke high chairs are practical, solid, and ultra-cool! However, if you’re on a tight budget you may want to look for a Stokke high chair alternative. There are other options on the market which could make a suitable Stokke Clikk or Tripp Trapp high chair alternative. Besides the actual options, you’ll also learn how to make the final selection, which criteria to consider.

My Top Picks (prioritized)

  1. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair
  2. Keekaroo Height Right
  3. Fornel Wooden High Chair
  4. Baby High Chair by HM-Tech
  5. FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby High Chair
  6. Used Stokke High Chair

Stokke High Chair Alternatives

When researching alternatives, you may find yourself comparing Stokke vs Abiie vs Keekaroo wooden high chairs. I’ve included these chairs in my review below plus a few other brands which you should seriously consider getting. 

1. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Abiie Beyond Junior Wooden High Chair with Tray - Convertible Baby Highchair - Adjustable High Chair for Babies/Toddlers/6 Months up to 250 Lbs - Stain & Water Resistant Natural Wood/Black Cushion

The Abiie Beyond high-quality high chair is constructed with a durable, wooden frame. It’s designed to grow with your baby from 6 months old, being easily adjustable to fit your growing child. The seat and footrest can be converted to a dining chair for your toddler to eat at the table with the rest of the family. 

The removable tray is dishwasher-safe and the restraint system can be adjusted to a 3-point or 5-point harness. The waterproof seat cushion is also removable for easy cleaning. Made with foam composite, the seating is comfortable. 


  • Ergonomic design for correct posture while eating
  • Restraint straps can be removed for machine washing
  • Can accommodate adults


  • Tray is too small for more than one standard plate
  • Doesn’t fold up for storage
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2. Keekaroo Height Right

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural

The Keekaroo Height Right high chair is made with a wooden frame and comes in natural or mahogany wood color. The design is simple, durable, and grows with your baby from 6 months old. It can accommodate adults up to 250 lbs, making this chair a lifetime investment. 

The seat and footrest are adjustable. The backrest is ergonomically designed for your baby to sit comfortably while eating. The sturdy base prevents the chair from tipping over, giving your child added security while seated in it. 


  • Seating angle makes it possible for children to eat comfortably at the dining table
  • Removable dishwasher-safe tray for easy cleaning
  • Easy for older children to get on and off by themselves 


  • Heavy and not very mobile
  • Parts and accessories are expensive
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3. Fornel Wooden High Chair

FORNEL Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers - Adjustable Height Easy to Clean Toddler Highchair - Kids Dining Chair from 3 Years to 200 Lb, Grow with Child - Natural Birch

The Fornel Wooden high chair has been designed to accommodate children from the ages of 3 to 15 years old so don’t go buying this one for your smaller baby. The beauty of this chair is it allows your toddler to sit with you at the table during meal times. 

The seat and footrest is adjustable, giving your child comfortable, ergonomic seating when eating. There are 14 different levels of adjustment, making this chair suitable for all sizes.The sleek, compact design of the chair includes smooth, rounded edges turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture. 


  • Can be used anywhere in the home as a multi-purpose chair
  • Can accommodate adults up to 200 lbs
  • Made with eco-friendly materials 


  • No safety harness or straps included in the design
  • Seat cushion sold separately to the chair
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4. Baby High Chair by HM Tech

Baby High Chair, Wooden High Chair with Removable Tray and Adjustable Legs for Baby/Infants/Toddlers

The beautiful design of this baby high chair from HM Tech will have you wondering why you wanted a Stokke model in the first place! Made from natural beechwood, the legs are designed to be anti-tipping. The seat is made with non-toxic plastic and includes a comfortable cushion on the bottom and backrest. 

The chair is designed to be a high chair from 6 months old, converting to a booster seat for toddlers, and a normal chair for the older child up to 10 years old. A 5-point harness system ensures your baby is safe during mealtimes and the tray is detachable for easy cleaning in the sink. 

While this high chair doesn’t convert into a chair for people older than 10 years old, it still gives you many years of value as a seat for your growing child. 


  • Functional and includes all parts and accessories
  • Adjustable food tray giving your growing baby more space when seated
  • Cushion is easy to clean with a damp cloth 


  • Only the legs are made with natural wood while all the other parts are made with plastic
  • Footrest can’t be reached by infants under one years old
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5. FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby High Chair

Baby High Chair, Wooden High Chair with Removable Tray and Adjustable Legs for Baby/Infants/Toddlers

When looking for the best high chair for small spaces as an alternative to Stokke models, consider this compact wooden baby high chair from FUNNY SUPPLY. Its minimalist design is sleek while still being modern. The legs are made with natural beechwood and the seat is constructed with non-toxic PP material. 

The high chair is adjustable, growing with your baby from 6 months to 10 years old. It comes with a 3-point harness system and includes a BPA-free removable tray for easy cleaning. The chair is lightweight, only weighing 11 lbs. 


  • Allows older children to engage with the family during mealtimes at the table
  • Very easy to assemble with no extra tools required
  • Well-priced and affordable high chair with a long lifespan


  • Only comes in one color – white for the seat and natural for the legs
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6. Used Stokke High Chair

If you’re not persuaded to buy an alternative, you can consider getting a used one. Pre-owned Stokke Tripp Trapp or Clikk high chairs can be found on the following sites:

  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • Mercari (a marketplace selling used and new goods across the U.S.) 
  • Craigslist 
  • eBay

Is the Stokke High Chair Worth It?

The Stokke high chair has been around for 49 years which says something about the brand and its products. Its sleek minimalist design is beautiful and it’s created with an ergonomic feature for good posture when seated. 

Stokke high chairs are designed to grow with your baby up to adulthood, turning it into a lifetime investment. The chair also allows children to be seated at the dining table, letting them feel part of the family. 

What to Consider When Looking For an Alternative

When looking for an alternative to the Stokke high chairs make sure you don’t have to pay more for additional parts and accessories

First, yes, high chairs need a footrest. Ensure the seat and footrest are adjustable with your growing baby to at least 10 years old. An ergonomic design is essential if you want your child to have the correct posture while eating. And, check that the alternative has been made with top-quality materials for durability and safety while still being long-lasting.

How to Buy a Used Stokke High Chair

When buying a used Stokke high chair, you need to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Safety features: Make sure the high chair comes with a 5-point harness and gliders. If these are missing, find out if you can get replacement parts from the manufacturers before purchasing a used Stokke high chair. 
  • Accessories: If any accessories are missing such as the tray, ensure you can get one to fit a pre-used chair from the manufacturer. 
  • Manufacturer date: Find this out as new accessories don’t fit any chairs made before 2008. Recent models include this date on the chair leg. 


Another option is to look at various high chair alternatives if you want a seating option for your child at the table. However, if you decide it’s worth spending a bit more then stick to getting either the Tripp Trapp or Clikk model. The brand is available on online stores such as Amazon so take a look before deciding whether to buy an alternative or not.

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