VOX Baby Monitors – Making Sure You Hear Your Baby When You Need To!

Have you been hearing a lot about VOX baby monitors lately? You will if you’re searching for the perfect baby monitor. It can be quite intimidating wading through the technical features that come with different baby monitors. And, one feature you’ll hear often is VOX mode.

Baby monitors are a vital piece of equipment every parent should have if they’re wanting to hear their baby while they’re out of sight. I’ve covered this topic extensively in other articles on my site. I’ve looked at the best monitors for traveling, compared various brands manufacturing baby monitors and even looked at budget baby monitors. And, some of the monitors recommended in these articles do have VOX mode features.

So, while I will be reviewing five great VOX baby monitors for you to pick from (and I suggest you look at getting the Eufy Video Baby Monitor for its great features), I’ll also be giving you more in-depth information about the VOX mode feature.

My Top Picks

What is VOX Mode?

VOX means either “voice-operated exchange” or “voice activated transmission”. When you see the VOX mode feature on your baby monitor, it means that it operates when a sound triggers it from standby mode to turn on. In other words, the baby monitor will be in sleep mode and not transmitting. But when there is a sound, be it your child crying or moving around, the VOX mode will be activated. And, a signal will be transmitted for the monitor to turn on.

And if you want to know what the dictionary definition for VOX mode is, here you go: “A device in certain types of telecommunications equipment, as telephone answering machines, that converts an incoming voice or sound signal into an electrical signal that turns on a transmitter or recorder that continues to operate as long as the incoming signal is maintained”

Why is VOX Mode Important on a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor without VOX mode will be constantly transmitting sounds and images (if you’re using a video baby monitor). This can become very tiresome especially when you’re trying to have a decent night’s sleep. You do have the option of turning down the volume or only turning on the baby monitor whenever you want to check in on your baby. But that kind of defeats the objective of having a baby monitor in the first place.

If the baby monitor includes a VOX mode feature then you can rest assured you’ll hear every sound – when you need to. The baby monitor will remain on but in standby. When your baby makes a sound, the voice activation technology will click in and the baby monitor will switch on. You’ll be alerted as soon as your baby makes a sound.

How Do I Adjust the Sensitivity Levels of My VOX Baby Monitor?

So, having a VOX mode feature on your baby monitor goes a long way to giving you peace of mind you’ll hear your baby whenever you need to while still getting a good night’s sleep. But, something else you need to know about using this feature is its sensitivity level to sounds.

Babies and children are always making a noise, whether sleeping or playing. While sleeping they roll over, talk or mumble in their sleep or even snore or breathe heavily. A child playing can create a lot of noise but hopefully, most times, it’s happy noise. These kinds of noises are the kinds you don’t need to hear every second of the day when you’re trying to sleep or work.

If your VOX baby monitor is set to a high sensitivity level, then it’s going to hear and alert you to every single noise your baby makes. So, you need to adjust the sensitivity levels to capture only the sounds you NEED to be alerted to such as crying. 

You’ll need to experiment with the settings. Play around a bit and try different settings with different sounds. In this way, you know your baby monitor will pick up the essential sounds such as crying or any other sounds that’ll tell you your baby is not happy.

What About VOX Mode on My Video Baby Monitor?

If you’ve decided to get a baby monitor that streams videos of your baby’s activity in another room, you’ll find yourself looking every couple of seconds at the screen. A constant relay of images being screened can be exhausting. And if you’re a particularly anxious parent (which most first-time parents are so nothing wrong there), you may be too scared to take your eye off the screen!

Having VOX mode on your video baby monitor works in the same way as an audio only baby monitor. The baby monitor stays in sleep mode and only turns on the video feature when a certain sound level activates it. 

This means you can take a break from staring at the screen knowing it will turn on when your baby’s crying activates it. In a flash, you’ll be able to see what is causing your baby to cry and go to them if they need your help.

What Are the Benefits of a Voice-Activated Baby Monitor

I’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of using a VOX monitor but to sum them up, here goes:

  • Energy saving: By staying in standby or sleep mode, your baby monitor will be using less power. This is particularly useful when you’re using batteries to operate the appliance such as for traveling purposes.
  • More sleep: You’ll get more sleep without worrying about every single noise your baby is making. You’ll also be able to concentrate more on work if your baby or child is next door in another room.
  • Adjust sound levels: You can adjust the sensitivity levels to only catch the sounds you want to hear such as crying.
  • Only be alerted when you need to be: You’ll be alerted as soon as your baby makes a sound that needs your immediate attention. So, instead of staring at the baby monitor waiting for your baby to wake up, you can focus on other tasks knowing you’ll be alerted when your baby wakes up.
  • Minimizes EMF radiation: VOX mode minimizes the level of microwave radiation. This is a biggie and something every parent needs to be aware of. A non-VOX digital or wireless baby monitor is continuously emitting radiation pulses whenever it’s powered on. A continuous flow of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is not good for anyone, least of all for your baby.

Watch this video about EMF radiation and how VOX mode limits such exposure to your baby.

Now that you have a better understanding of what is a VOX baby monitor, let’s look at the five different products I recommend for you and your baby.

Best Overall – Eufy Video Baby Monitor

This VOX baby monitor has an excellent 720p HD resolution when using the screen (compared to other monitors which have 480p HD or lower resolution).

Who It’s For

For new parents looking for a high-quality baby monitor with all the features.

Why You Should Buy It

Not only does the VOX mode function give you peace of mind you’ll be alerted when you need to be. But the other smart features such as the large 5 inch display screen, infrared night vision, 110 degree wide-angle lens and lullabies all add to the benefits of having this monitor.

Product Information

  • Maximum range: 460 – 1000 ft
  • Style: Monitor with FHSS connection
  • Type: Audio and video
  • Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Instant noise alerts when voice activated
  • Includes a wall mount
  • Compatible with up to four cameras


  • Plug is bulky

Best Value – Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor

When a manufacturer talks about power saving mode, they’re most likely referring to VOX mode as is the case with this baby monitor. It can be adjusted to alert you at different crying levels.

Who It’s For

For parents wanting an all-round, high quality baby monitor.

Why You Should Buy It

The VOX mode is the main attraction here as are all the other features. Which includes 2 x digital zoom for the camera, temperature monitoring of the baby’s room and infrared night vision function.

Product Information

  • Maximum range: 900 ft
  • Style: Monitor with WI-FI connection
  • Type: Audio and video
  • Power source: Plug and play/rechargeable battery in parent unit


  • Adjustable sound levels
  • Eight lullabies included
  • Two-way talk feature


  • No wide angle lens option

Best for Twins – UOKIER Baby Monitor

This camera and audio baby monitor uses a wireless connection. It has a good range of up to 1000 feet and uses 100% encryption to protect your data information.

Who It’s For

This works well for parents with twins as it can connect to two cameras.

Why You Should Buy It

Firstly, you’re buying this for its VOX feature. It activates both the audio and screen but uses smart low-consumption technology to save on energy input. When your baby sounds are detected the VOX mode activates both warning lights and alert sounds. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours when in VOX mode/sleep mode.

Product Information

  • Maximum range: 1000 ft
  • Style: Monitor with WI-FI connection
  • Type: Audio and video
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery/plug in into wall socket


  • Includes room temperature monitoring feature
  • Has a feeding alarm clock
  • Compatible with two camera


  • Poor image quality

Best Budget – Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor

I’ve already reviewed this product in depth for my article about baby monitors under $100. Not only is this baby monitor affordable but it includes some smart features such as a camera and audio facilities. And, of course, it has VOX mode.

Who It’s For

A monitor for parents wanting VOX mode but who are living on a tight budget.

Why You Should Buy It

What is important to note is the VOX mode activation only applies to the audio feature. So, the screen will need to be turned off. Of course, when you’re alerted by the sound you have the option of then turning on the screen to view what is happening. Other features include

room temperature monitoring, infrared night vision mode and two-way talk.

Product Information

  • Maximum range: 960 ft
  • Style: Monitor with WI-FI connection
  • Type: Audio and video
  • Power source: Unit plugged into the wall/parent unit uses rechargeable batteries


  • Long battery life
  • Good value for money
  • No distracting light from the camera base


  • VOX mode only for audio

Best Split Screen – LBtech Baby Monitor

Read my product review on this model for split-screen monitors for more in-depth information. As I’m focusing on the VOX mode feature, this product won’t disappoint you in that domain.

Who It’s For

For families with more than two kids in the home.

Why You Should Buy It

The energy-saving VOX mode feature activates the screen as soon as it detects any sounds. The 4.3″ color LCD display gives clear images even at night time with its auto night vision function. Plus, you have the option of 2 x digital zoom. Other nifty features include room temperature monitoring, two-way talk and compatibility with up to 4 cameras.

Product Information

  • Maximum range: 1000 ft
  • Style: Wireless baby monitor
  • Type: Audio and video
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery


  • Camera can be tilted with 360 degree rotation
  • Brightness and volume can be adjusted
  • 8 hour battery life on VOX mode


  • Can’t turn off monitor remotely

Final Thoughts

Having a VOX baby monitor simply makes your life as a parent so much easier. It’ll go a long way to easing any anxiety you have around your baby when they’re out of sight and hearing range. I recommend the Eufy Video Baby Monitor. This is also my top choice when I compared Eufy to VAVA and Infant Optics. Based on your own personal requirements which model would suit you best?

Last update on 2021-04-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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