Do Bassinets Need Sheets? (All Types Covered!)

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Once you’ve decided on the ideal bassinet for your baby to sleep in, the next step on your agenda should be to find the right bedding. This might leave you wondering if bassinets need sheets? 

Yes! It’s always necessary to invest in quality sheets and mattress protectors for your baby’s bassinet. Opting for mattress covers and waterproof sheets will make it easier to keep the mattress cleaner and dry! Always ensure that the sheets are the correct size and meet safety guidelines to ensure safe and comfortable sleep for your little one! 

What kind of bedding does a bassinet typically need?

If you’re buying your bassinet brand new, it’s easy to know what it needs. Most manufacturers will give you everything you need in the package. You’ll then just need to add on extra sheets and waterproof covers as you need. 

However, if your bassinet has been donated to you by a loved one, it might not always come with all the original items. Therefore, so that you can be better prepared, I’ve added a list of must-have items when you’re setting up your bassinet. 


A bassinet will almost always need a mattress. New bassinets usually have what is often described as a pad. It’s thinner than a mattress. You might opt for taking it out and adding a thicker, more durable and comfortable mattress. 

Be sure to measure the bassinet correctly so that you can get the right size mattress. If you’re opting for a slightly thicker mattress, bear in mind that this will affect the sheets. Take measurements of the new mattress to ensure the sheets will fit. Always replace worn or damaged mattresses or pads to prevent your little one from getting hurt. 

Colgate Mattress Cradle & Bassinet Mattress - GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Reversible Bassinet Pad with 2” Thickness, Wrapped in Waterproof Quilted Cover - 15” X 30” X 2”

A popular mattress option to consider is the Bassinet/Cradle Mattress by Colgate Mattress. It’s waterproof, made of cotton and doesn’t contain any toxic materials. Be sure to check the measurements though as this mattress has rounded corners!

Bassinet sheets and mattress protectors

Fitted bassinet sheets and mattress protectors should be standard with every bassinet. While these two items can be separate, it’s great when you have them as a 2-in-1! Sheets provide a soft sleeping surface that’s not too hot. This in turn keeps your little one comfortable. 

One of the more popular bassinet sheets to consider is the Waterproof Bassinet Sheet by Ely’s & Co. Not only is this sheet waterproof, but it is also designed to create a barrier between the mattress and any spills or messes. It’s lightweight, made from 100% jersey cotton and the good news is, it’s compatible with most bassinet brands. This even includes the HALO bassinet! 


When it’s time to buy blankets for your babies’ bed, consider reading my comparison between muslin vs swaddle vs receiving blankets. This will give you an in-depth breakdown of what you need! 

Types of bassinets and if they need sheets

The number of bassinet sheets needed might depend on the type of bassinet you have. Alternatively, you could go with a standard 2 or 3 options to ensure you always have extra in case of emergencies!

Pram bassinets

If you’re going to be using a pram bassinet, will you need a sheet? Here you have a few options. You can use a universal fitted sheet that fits securely onto the pad. The other alternative is to use muslin squares. You can use the squares as a sheet for the baby to lie on or even as a light blanket to cover your little one. Since muslin squares are lightweight and breathable, you can use them to create shade for your baby in the summer. 

Pack and Play bassinets

While fitted sheets are popular items in traditional bassinets, is it necessary to have sheets for a pack and play bassinet? It’s important to consider the safety features of the sheet before adding it to the bassinet. 

Ensure that the velcro or snaps underneath the mattress aren’t hampered by the bottom of the sheet. Always ensure that the mattress is properly attached to the bottom of the Pack N Play. You can then tuck the sheet under the mattress. Make sure the sheet isn’t bunched up and loose. For the most part, cribs, bassinets and Pack N Plays sheets vary in size and you shouldn’t use a crib sheet in a bassinet or a Pack N Play. 

If you’re still wondering if you should opt for a bassinet or a Pack N Play, read my in-depth comparison on the differences between a bassinet and a Pack N Play. 

Freestanding Bassinets 

A freestanding bassinet is one that doesn’t need to be attached to your bed. This means that the bassinet can be placed in another room or in the corner of your room away from your bed. Some freestanding bassinets have wheels so they’re easy to move around. Others will have a basket underneath where you can store accessories or toys. 

Portable Bassinet

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet In Grey, Lightweight And Breathable Mesh Design, Easy To Clean And Fold Baby Bassinet - Carry Bag Included

Portable bassinets are ones that you can travel with. These types of bassinets can fold easily so they become more compact. This way, you can fit the folded bassinet into a car or trailer and it won’t take up too much space. The portable bassinet can be taken with you on holidays or to a relatives house if you decide to stay over. Such a bassinet is the Dream on Me Traveler Portable Bassinet.

Safety considerations regarding bassinet sheets

Are there safety requirements regarding bassinet sheets? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that loose sheets and other bassinet bedding could lead to SIDS. When babies roll over on their tummies during sleep, loose bedding could close their noses and they’ll struggle to breathe. 

Be sure to opt for bedding that fits snugly around the mattress and in the bassinet. It’s also necessary to keep blankets and sheets to a minimum. Rather opt for warmer clothes than too many blankets! 

Be sure to read my article about the number of swaddles you’ll need. It’ll give you an idea of the number of different blankets you’ll need (not only swaddles)! 

Other features to consider

Some other common features to consider when you’re shopping for bassinet sheets are listed below. 

Size and Shapes 

Just as bassinet sizes differ, their mattress sizes are also different sizes and shapes. Some are rectangular while others are oval. An average bassinet sheet ranges around 22” x 29” x 48” for a universal sheet. It’s important to check how these sizes apply to your particular bassinet brand. 

Always ensure that the sheets you’re considering are compatible with the mattress size in your bassinet. Measuring your bassinet mattress will mean you get the right size 1st time round and won’t have to make several trips to the store! 

Material – Waterproof?

When you’re considering sheet materials, always opt for a breathable fabric. Fabric that’s breathable releases some of the bed’s heat during sleeping. This keeps the little one sleeping at a comfortable temperature. Cotton is one of the more preferred materials to opt for.

Another definitive feature to look for with bassinet sheet material is whether or not it’s waterproof. Waterproof sheets make it easy to clean, you simply wipe them down! It’s a good way to keep dust and moisture off the sheets without having to wash them every day.

Type of installation needed

Fitted bassinets usually come in three options to ensure they fit tightly onto the mattress. The option you get depends on the brand of the sheet you’ve opted for. The three options include the following:

  • Wrap-around: Sheets with an elastic band around the edges make it easy to wrap the sheet around the pad or mattress, making it super easy to ensure a firm and tight fit. Wrap-around sheet types are the most popular option. 
  • Slide on: Fitted sheets made in the slide on the method are very similar to pillowcases. They simply slide onto the bassinet mattress or pad. For these types of sheets, you’ll just have to make sure the sheet is tight-fitting and can’t be bunched up. 
  • Zip on: Zipper sheets provide a snug-fitting layer over the mattress. It’s important to place the zipper on the bottom side of the mattress to avoid injury to the baby. 

Watch this short clip to see how quick and easy it is to put a zippered sheet onto a mattress! Although the video shows a mom using a sheet for a crib, it works the same way for a bassinet!

Antibacterial Properties

Sheets that have zinc incorporated into the sheet fibers will provide considerable antibacterial properties. This will minimize contact with bacteria.

Are bassinet sheets universal?

Fitted sheet sizes will vary for bassinets so they are not universal. An average-sized bassinet mattress is about 15” x 33” with an average depth between 1” to 2” depending on the brand. 

Always check your bassinet mattress style and size before purchasing extra sheets. Wherever possible, purchase the brand’s corresponding sheets. 

Types of bassinet brands and if they need sheets

Some of the more popular bassinet brands come with a standard fitted sheet.

HALO bassiNest

The HALO BassiNest swivel sleeper comes with its own custom-fitted sheet. Additional fitted sheets can be purchased from the HALO online store at HALO sheets are designed to fit the mattress and regular-sized sheets might not fit properly. Here are some other top bassinet sheets for a HALO.

If you’re still considering purchasing a HALO BassiNest, you might be interested in seeing how HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper compares to the SNOO

UPPAbaby bassinet

With a UPPAbaby bassinet, you get a mattress pad cover. You can use this pad cover with or without sheets. Using sheets in a UPPAbaby bassinet will save you from having to remove the mattress cover on laundry days. A soft sheet will also go a long way toward making your little one cozy. 

SNOO bassinet

An advantage of the SNOO Smart Sleeper is that it comes with a fitted sheet. It’s always a good idea to have 2 or 3 extra sheets. This makes it easier to change the bedding on laundry days or in the case of midnight changing mess! 

SNOO sheets come in a variety of colors and patterns. Additionally, the sheets are sourced from premium organic cotton, making them soft and cozy! The types of sheets you need for a SNOO bassinet are covered in an article I’ve previously written or there are some alternatives to the SNOO fitted sheet.

Should you get Second Hand Sheets?

Most moms prefer to donate their baby gear that’s no longer being used. Some baby items are only used a few times. Can sheets be reused? It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. Some parents might feel that something like sheets that have been exposed to urine, poop and vomit might not be sanitary for their baby. 

However, if a family member donates a few sheets, good sanitizing should make them good to go. Remember to ensure that they fit your type of bassinet mattress

How many bassinet sheets do you need?

The short answer to how many bassinet sheets are needed is that between 3 to 5 is a good number to go for. It’s always a good idea to have a few spare sheets on hand in case you need to change the bedding during a midnight change!


From this article, you can see bassinets must have sheets whether it’s one of the best rocking bassinets or a standard bassinet you might own. The good news is, bassinet sheets are easy to find, and depending on the option you select, you can easily find one that fits the brand of mattress you’ve opted for. Follow the safety requirements for bassinet sheets and your baby will be safe and comfortable!

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