Top 10 Qualities of a Good Mother – As Seen By a Dad

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As a man, I knew exactly the right qualities I would need in a woman if I wanted to have children with her one day. I wanted a woman who would have the type of characteristics that would raise strong, kind, and independent children. Fortunately, I was blessed with a woman that has the qualities of a good mother.

Many men don’t know what these qualities are and why they’re important. Well, if you want to raise decent children you can’t be a toxic father and the same goes for the mother. So what defines a good mother? What qualities should she have to raise her children?

I couldn’t imagine anyone else raising my baby girl other than my fianceé because she possesses the qualities that I think are important for the health and well-being of my daughter. I still remember our first date when I saw those qualities, sitting in a bar with a drink in our hands.

If you’re not entirely sure what qualities make a good mother then perhaps my article can help you. So that when you decide you want to have children you’ll find a lady that possesses these qualities.

Top 10 Quality Characteristics of a Good Mother

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You must be wondering what are the most important characteristics a good mother should have? People have plenty of characteristics but there are ones that are important for a mother to have to raise her children. Take a look at the top 9 quality characteristics of a good mother.

1. Patience

Being a mother can be stressful because children can have mood swings and sometimes they can be stubborn too. This requires a mother to have plenty of patience to deal with tantrums or a baby that won’t stop crying.

As children get older they may test their parents’ limits such as getting into a jar of peanut butter to paint your walls with. Mothers who can deal with all types of drama are strong-minded. They know how to handle any situation with patience and care.

2. Moms with Grit

Mothers never give up on their children. No matter what the circumstances are they’re always there to tackle the problem. A good characteristic for a mom to have is grit. She will power through all the bad days and ensure she never takes her frustration out on her kids.

3. Understanding

Sometimes kids will do certain things that will get them into a lot of trouble. As your toddler grows he or she may get into fights with other children or they may exhibit strange behavior from time to time. A good characteristic for a mother to have is understanding.

Instead of getting angry at their children, they’ll try to understand the situation before lashing out. Perhaps the reason your child drew on the wall with a permanent marker was that he or she is bored. Or the reason your kids got into a fight at school was that they’re showing signs of pent-up anger. 

As a mother, it’s important to try and understand her children’s behavior before getting angry. This will build healthier relationships between mother and child.

4. A Good Mother is Always Calm

Some mothers get overstressed and lose their calmness. This is natural especially when they haven’t had enough sleep. But if a mother is always nervous or angry then it can lead to disaster because it will cause major upsets in your household.

Motherhood can be an emotional experience but a mother should always remain calm. This can be a struggle especially when you have a baby that gets up to mischief or cries a lot. A mother that remains calm will give a child a sense of security. Yelling and shouting create fear which is what you don’t want for your children.

5. Good Mothers Seem to be Organized

Being organized is one of those character traits that come naturally for mothers. They always seem to know when the next doctor’s appointment is or when to start potty training their little ones.

Staying organized can also mean keeping your children’s toys packed away when the baby is finished playing. Or organizing a diaper bag in such a way that it’s easy to access the essentials that are needed to change a diaper.

A good mother will know how to handle school projects, documents and activities by having a schedule. This can be a regular piece of paper stuck to your fridge with all the necessary information to help mothers remember what needs to be done next.

She also goes does sports regularly, e.g. going to Planet Fitness (with no child care) and finds a way to still make it work. She knows that only a healthy mum can take care of her children.

6. Good Mothers Are Friendly

If you want to raise children who are kind and compassionate then they must have a mother who is always friendly. A mother who is always shouting and causing drama with her peers will raise children with the same characteristics.

You want your children to be friendly to the people they meet and since the mother is a role model they too must possess friendly characteristic traits. A good mother will also never discuss people in a negative way. She must teach her children to be kind to others so as not to offend or cause other people emotional harm.

7. A Good Mother is Knowledgeable

Not everyone knows how to do equations or has extensive knowledge about the world. But when you become a parent it’s important to become more knowledgeable about the world around you. This is so when your children start asking questions you’ll be able to answer them and teach them what you know.

Mothers who are knowledgeable can help their children in many ways. They can provide counsel when their children are struggling with a life lesson. Or they could simply know how to help their children with school projects.

It’s important for mothers to be well-read so they can teach their children important lessons. Additionally, there are some lessons schools don’t teach so mothers need to have this knowledge to assist their children with information that curriculums don’t cover.

Independent thinking is another characteristic that moms should have. Although technological devices help improve your way of living it may also create low-level skills. Use traditional means of educating your children to teach them skills they could use without technology.

8. Strict But Fair

A mother should always know how to discipline her children the correct way. This doesn’t mean spanking your children but it does mean being extremely assertive so that your children know their boundaries.

You don’t want your children throwing tantrums in public places or being disrespectful to adults. Mothers should be strict with their children to let them know that there are certain things you simply can’t do.

On the other hand, a good mother should also be fair. She shouldn’t yell at her children for no reason because she’s had a bad day. She should only reinforce assertiveness when it’s needed.

9. A Good Mother is Brave

Some mothers don’t know that they possess bravery when they become mothers. Giving birth is in itself an act of bravery because a woman goes through a lot of pain giving birth. But even after giving birth mothers need to be brave.

At some point, a mother will have to let her child go out into the world. The first day of school can be an emotional rollercoaster ride for mothers and even some fathers. Mothers also need to be brave when they stand up for their children’s rights or when they face someone who is a threat to their wellbeing.

Sometimes mothers may experience hardships in their lives that will require bravery. Children with brave mothers tend to grow up with this same characteristic and that’s exactly what you want for your kids.

10. A Good Mother is Consistent

A good mother should be consistent with all her good characteristics. Being inconsistent with your boundaries, calmness, or organization skills can confuse children. A good mother who is consistent will give her child a sense of security.

Most mothers struggle with consistency and that is natural because it can be difficult to always be friendly, calm, or organized but it’s not difficult. Good mothers should always be strong when it comes to boundaries and never give in especially when their children nag.

Mothers who give in to what they know they should say no to is a way of being inconsistent. Good mothers will know the importance of their children eating all their food before they can get a treat because this means being consistent with the rules they’ve established. Or being consistent with breastfeeding when their child is still a baby so she won’t regret not breastfeeding and then having to live with the consequences of missing out on that habit.

Why It’s Important to Be a Good Mother

The first important quality that a mother should have is to be a good role model. A mother is the first person your child will get to know so if a mother has negative qualities the child may pick up on these bad habits.

A woman that’s a good role model will say please and thank you as well as tidy up after herself. Those are the types of qualities you want your children to mimic.

What is a Motherly Personality?

A motherly personality is a woman who is nurturing. Someone who knows the importance of her child’s well-being. This means feeding their children when they’re hungry or taking them to the doctor when they get sick. It also means taking care of their children’s hygiene and ensuring their kids have all the essentials they need such as diapers, baby formula, and the proper clothes.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Good Mother?

A good mother has a list of responsibilities that she needs to be aware of. Some of these responsibilities come naturally to mothers such as feeding their children or establishing when bathtime is. However, the role of the mother is to nurture her children while they are growing up. A good mother should protect her children from any threats.

What’s more, a mother should always provide opportunities for early learning through interactions that are responsive and supportive. Good mothers should create a stable environment for their children to grow up in.

How to Improve on Your Characteristics of Being a Good Mother Using Agile Framework

It should be noted that not everyone is perfect. As a parent there will be days you’ll make a mistake or lose your patience with your child. Some parents simply don’t have all the characteristics I listed above but that’s OK because it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent.

On other hand, if you’re a mother reading this and you feel you’re lacking one or more of the characteristics I mentioned above you are definitely not alone. There are plenty of mothers as well as fathers that struggle with patience and even assertiveness.

However, there is a way that you can improve your characteristics such as using an agile framework to improve your organizational skills. Take a look below to find out how you can improve on your motherly qualities:

  • Patience: Practice patience by being mindful of anything that makes you impatient and try to understand why it’s making you agitated. Another way to practice patience is to stop doing anything that isn’t important and only concern yourself with the well-being of your child.
  • Grit: Know that you’re going to have bad and good days. The bad days make you a strong person and build your character even more. The trick is how you handle those bad days.
  • Understanding: Being intolerant can lead to a lot of stress. To be more understanding, practice being a good listener when your children speak and to be open-minded to what they say.
  • Calmness: To be more calm don’t stress about the little things like when your baby writes on the walls or spills on the carpet. You can become calmer if you change your focus on what’s truly important.
  • Organization: Not everyone can be organized all the time but there are ways you can learn. Perhaps download a digital diary on your smartphone to remind you of any important activities you need to do with your child. Or adopt an agile framework to help you cope.
  • Friendliness: For some being friendly can be difficult especially when others are being rude. But it’s important never to take the bait when someone wants a negative reaction out of you. Mothers should always keep their composure by not reacting to unkindness.
  • Knowledge: Read books, watch YouTube videos or take up a course to be more knowledgeable. This way you can help your children whenever they need advice or assistance with a school project.
  • Assertiveness: Learn to say no when it’s needed. You must never give in to nagging because you’ll be giving up on your own rules. Saying no can protect your children sometimes so learn how to be authoritative in your household.
  • Consistency: Don’t be strict one day and then let your children do what they want the next day. You must be strong in your convictions and your boundaries.
  • Bravery: There is no complete handbook on how to be brave. You simply need to understand that there will be some days you’ll fail. The important thing is not to give up and always stand up for your children.

If you’re struggling to find patience and calmness with your children then speak to your spouse. Your husband should be someone you can rely on to give you advice and help you raise your children in the best possible way.

Your husband can also help you take the load off by helping you with parental duties so you can be calmer and be able to access certain situations without getting angry.

How to Assess Whether You’re a Good Mother

Having certain characteristics does make you a good mother but if you can’t organize a schedule or you struggle to be assertive doesn’t make you a bad person. What makes you a good mother is the way you love your children.

If you care about your children’s well-being and you’re always doing everything that’s within their best interests then you are a good mother. Taking care of your children’s basic needs such as feeding, bathing, and playing with them makes you a good mother too!

Final Thoughts

Motherhood can be extremely difficult but women have been raising children since the dawn of time. As long as you have the qualities and understandings mentioned in this article you’ll be a good mother to your children. As for the men out there, look for women who bear these qualities so you know they’ll be good mothers to your children one day.

And once you’ve found your dream lady, you might want to gift her with some valuable item and let her know that you see her as a good present or future mother.

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