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elvie and kgoal comparison

Pelvic floor exercises are nothing new. Commonly referred to as “doing your Kegels”, women have been doing these tightening exercises to aid with bladder control issues. What is gaining a lot of popularity though, are the gadgets and devices used to aid these exercises. Two of the most common pelvic floor exercise brands are Elvie vs kGoal.

My top pick is the kGoal – find out in this article why. 🙂

Both of these brands offer a more effective way to perform Kegel exercises. This is done with interactive and Smart exercise programs. The primary difference between these two competing brands is that the Elvie is the smallest device currently available. The kGoal on the other hand has a customizable pillow making it an easy fit for any woman. 

How do Elvie Trainer and kGoal work?

For starters, Kegels are the exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to minimize issues with bladder control after childbirth. Kegels are done by repeatedly contracting your vaginal muscles. Both the Elvie and kGoal are pelvic floor trainers or exercisers that aid this process. 

These two devices work similarly and provide similar results. Either device is placed inside the vagina and then connects to an app on your smart device. The app then guides you through a few five-minute exercises to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Benefits of using a Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Using a pelvic floor trainer to exercise your pelvic floor muscles has a few important benefits. I’ve listed the most prominent. 

  1. Floor Exercisers are more effective than basic Kegel exercises

Medical experts all agree that Kegels are the best way to condition and tone pelvic floor muscles. With the muscles located in an intimate area, it might not always be possible to see if they’re being done correctly. Devices such as the Elvie and the kGoal make it easier to access private muscles without feeling uncomfortable. 

  1. Exercisers develop strong pelvic floor muscles

These types of devices aid in conditioning, toning and strengthening pelvic floor muscles. These muscles can weaken as a result of multiple childbirths, pelvic injuries, high-impact sports or even muscle atrophy as a result of age. 

Stronger pelvic floor muscles can reduce the following medical conditions:

  • Urinary incontinence: This happens when you experience urine leakage when coughing, laughing or sneezing. 
  • Pelvic organ prolapse: Often caused when the uterus, bladder and bowel collapse onto the vagina after childbirth.
  • Fecal incontinence: This is caused when you experience bowel leakage as a result of weak rectum muscle control. 

Women suffering from these medical conditions often use adult diapers to control incontinence issues. Read my articles about the differences between Always and Depends as well as some of the best postpartum diapers. These articles will help you use the right product while you wait for your trainer exercises to take effect. 

  1. Exercisers help you maintain and track progress

These training devices help you maintain the correct type and quantity of exercise by guiding you through a step-by-step program. It’s easy to track your progress on the app. Smart technology allows you to review and analyze your progress

Elvie Trainer vs kGoal compared – differences and similarities

To know which trainer will be best suited to you, it’s important to understand how these two models compare. Let’s have a look! 


kGoal’s customizable pillow makes it easy for users to obtain a perfect, snug fit. Elvie isn’t customizable but is the smallest device in the pelvic floor trainer industry. 


The Elvie Personal Trainer is completely waterproof, making it super-easy to clean. The kGoal however, is only water-resistant. This means it needs to be cleaned with a wet wipe or washcloth. 


Both models are made with medical-grade silicone, making them 100% body-safe. Aside from being safe, medical-grade silicone is durable and bacteria resistant. Another feature that makes medical-grade silicone a great choice is its comfort level. 


Both models make use of an app that you download onto your smartphone or other smart devices. These apps allow you to track your progress and provide biofeedback. The app will also guide you in the types of exercises needed to create and maintain muscle strength.

Types of programs

The kGoal offers a game-based exercise routine that helps users stay motivated. For some users having the games helps them move on from one exercise to the next. This isn’t necessarily a better option, it depends on the user’s preference. 


In terms of storage, the Elvie Trainer is the better option. It has a discreet case that also doubles as a charger. The kGoal doesn’t come with a storage case, which makes keeping your device private awkward.

Elvie Trainer Reviewed

Elvie - App controlled Women's Pelvic Floor Trainer, Smart Kegel Exerciser - Body Safe Muscle Strengthener Equipment

The Elvie Trainer is the more popular of the two models. Let’s review why Elvie is a firm favorite! 


  • Created by women, for women
  • Offers six unique Kegel exercises
  • 100% waterproof makes cleaning easy
  • Constructed using medical-grade silicone
  • The App provides pointers to improve Kegel exercises
  • Progress is tracked when instant biofeedback is sent to your smart device to track progress
  • Fits into a sleek case that doubles as a charger

Why consider it

The Elvie Personal Trainer is the smallest Kegel exercise tracker and it’s this feature that sets this model apart from the kGoal. Its smaller size and comfortable design mean you won’t experience any uncomfortable pressure whilst exercising. 


  • 100% waterproof – easy to clean
  • Smaller design makes it more comfortable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Strong and durable
  • Includes a storage case for travel discretion


  • Can be costly

Is Elvie Trainer covered by insurance?

At the time of writing this article, Kegel exercise devices such as the Elvie Trainer are not FDA-cleared for urinary incontinence. This then means these devices aren’t covered by current medical insurance

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kGoal Reviewed

kGoal Classic Women's Kegel Exercise Trainer with Biofeedback - Pelvic Floor Strengthening Device for Women with Smart App for iOS and Android

The kGoal Kegel Exercise Trainer’s games and customizable fit are the top reasons why this brand is so popular. Let’s have a look at some of the other features on offer from kGoal.


  • Offers Kegel exercises in the form of games
  • Customizable pillow to create personalized comfort
  • USB rechargeable
  • App provides biofeedback to your smart device to track progress
  • 2-year warranty

Why consider it

Two distinguishing features set the kGoal apart from the Elvie. The first is the games on offer that make exercising fun. Playing the games keeps users motivated and produces faster results. The customizable pillow allows users to achieve the desired fit for their unique bodies. The pillow deflated air expands to fit snugly


  • Games to make workouts fun
  • Customizable pillow for the best fit for all sizes
  • USB rechargeable
  • Medical-grade silicone
  • App tracks progress


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Pricey
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Is kGoal covered by insurance?

As with the Elvie, the kGoal is currently not covered by medical insurance as the product isn’t FDA cleared. While the product can be costly, keep an eye out for sales promotions that make it more affordable. 

Is the kGoal app free?

Yes! The good news is the kGoal app is free and can be downloaded onto iOS and Android devices. 

Watch this clip to see how easy it is to use the kGoal app on your smart device. 

Is Elvie Trainer better than kGoal?

Both of these nifty pelvic trainers have several benefits that make them more effective than the device-free Kegels.

While Elvie is the smaller device, kGoal’s customizable fit makes it a clear winner as the pillow allows the perfect, most comfortable fit. Ultimately, it’s about personal preference and the good news is that both of these models are perfect for improving your pelvic floor muscles.

By the way, another pelvic floor exerciser machine is Perifit which I compared to Elvie. Are you considering also one of these?

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