Should We Have A Third Child Quiz – 10 Simple Questions to Answer

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Are you thinking of having a third child? Many parents think of extending their family but decide to plan for it first. That’s why I’ve created a “should we have a third child quiz” so you can find out if you’re ready to have another baby. This is the quiz my sister used – she has 3 toddlers now.

If you’re thinking of having a third child, how do you know if it’s the right choice? Well, hopefully after this article you will get a little more clarity on where to go next.

Here are the SIMPLE instructions. Answer the following 10 questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Afterward, read the sections below the questions to determine whether you should have a third baby or not.

It’ll probably take you like 5 mins to get an answer to your question…or a bit longer if the overall answer is No.

  1. Are You Financially Stable to Have a Third Child?
  2. Do You Have A Baby Sitter to Take Care of the Third Child?
  3. Are You and Your Spouse In Agreement to Have a Third Child?
  4. Do You and Your Spouse Have a Strong Marriage That Won’t be Affected by a Third Child?
  5. Will Your Other Two Children Be Happy with a Third Sibling?
  6. Are You Ok With Being Sleep Deprived for A While?
  7. Do You Have The Correct Baby Items?
  8. Do You Have a Big Enough Home?
  9. Are You Physically Healthy Enough to Have a Third Child?
  10. Is Your Home Still Baby Proofed?

If You Have More Yes Answers

If you have answered with ‘yes’ to most of these questions then it could be safe to say that you are in fact ready for a third child. It’s clear that you’ve already thought about everything you’ll need to be aware of and all the things that you might need to change in your life.

You and your partner are definitely ready for a third child!

If You Have More No Answers

By answering no to most of these questions doesn’t mean anything negative. It could just mean that maybe it’s just not the right time to be having a third child. You’d want to make sure that you are healthy before having another child and you have everything you need to accommodate a new baby.

Of course, some of the things listed above can be taken care of rather quickly but when it comes to the more serious questions, you’ll need to sit down and look at all your options properly. You need to make sure that you are not rushing into having a third child and rather ensure that you are planning everything thoroughly.

If you can’t stop thinking about having another child though, I’d suggest getting everything in order first before trying for another kiddo. That way you know that the experience can be worry-free. So read on to find some food for thoughts to perhaps change that No to a Yes!?

Warnings of Having a Third Child

It would be expected for there to be more things to take care of when there are more children around the house.

Of course, you’ve probably already experienced these sorts of things before with your other children but if you’ve managed to get your schedule back on track, it might require some adjustments.

If you haven’t really given it that much thought already, here are just a few things that you should be aware of:

  • More Laundry
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • More Expenses
  • A More Messy House

These are just some of the things you should be aware of when thinking of having another child but these things don’t have to put you off. As with most things in life, everything takes time. This means that even though you’ll have to readjust your life again, it will go back to the way things were after a few months of your new baby’s birth.

Change is always good and when it comes to welcoming another baby into your family, it will definitely be an amazing change.

The Joys and Expectations When You’ve Decided to Have a Third Child

It may sound a bit daunting just thinking about the changes that will take place in your life after having another child but there are also all the good things you need to remember. You’ve already had children so you know how amazing that feeling is and it’s important to remember all of that when you feel overwhelmed.

If you’re thinking of having a third child, here are a few things you can be excited about.

An Extra Sibling for Your Other Two Children to Play With

When having more than one child, the added bonus is the fact that your children can play together. It is always good for children to have siblings to play with because then they can learn how to interact with other children too.

You may think that being outnumbered can be a little scary but by having a third child, all of your children will be able to play together making it easier for you to keep them all distracted. It can make things easier for you because then you can trust that they are all taking care of each other, even if they do fight a little which is completely natural.

The Joys of Having a New Baby in the House

There is no denying the joy a baby brings. From that sweet baby smell to the cute little fingers and toes. Everything about a newborn is precious and when you get the chance to have a newborn in your house again there is no better feeling.

You’ll most likely wonder why you waited so long in the first place. It will bring back a rush of emotions and memories from your first two children which can make the experience that much more memorable.

The Excitement of Raising a New Child

Raising your children will always be a lesson, you’ll forever be learning something every time you have a child which is why it’s so exciting. Each time you can learn and change the way you approach how to raise your children. Let’s be honest, you’re never prepared the first time and by the third time, you’ll know more than ever before.

It will be a new experience for everyone in the household but after having raised two children already, you know exactly what you’re doing. You’ve learned by teaching your children which will help you more than you’d ever know when welcoming your third child.

Planning Baby Showers

Friends Enjoying a Baby Shower

Planning your baby shower, such as finding the best day and time of day for it, can be a fun and exciting event, especially when you get the father involved. These days, more men are being invited to baby showers as more fathers want to be involved in the whole experience.

Of course, there are separate baby showers for the father which can be more of a manly thing to do if you and your partner don’t want to co-ed your baby shower. Either way, planning a baby shower to welcome your newest addition will be a moment you’ll never want to forget.

The extra bonus of having a baby shower is the fact that if you don’t have everything you need, you can create a baby registry so your friends and family can help get you anything you don’t have but need. Depending on how long ago you had your second child, you may have let go of certain baby items so a baby registry will help you out a lot. Oh, and don’t forget to send out a baby registry greeting message to your friends and family or guests!

Preparing Your Other Two Children for The Third Child

Last but not least, you have to talk to your children about having another child. It’s not about getting their approval, they are only children after all. However, they should also be kept in the loop in order to understand what’s going on.

They’ll need to know that things around the house will change and that they will have a new sibling to love and care for. Depending on the age gap they might not fully understand but it’s good to have an open discussion as they will of course be involved.

Final Thoughts

Having children can be stressful because they’re constantly moving and needing your attention. However, they are also a joy to have. They need all of your love and time which means that you wouldn’t want to be stressed over things that can be resolved. When planning for a third child, make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Once you know exactly where you stand when it comes to having more children, you’ll be more comfortable knowing where to go next. So when the baby arrives everything runs smoothly. Don’t worry if you have to wait a while for when the time is right, everything happens when it’s supposed to. You’ll be happy regardless of when it happens because you’ll know that you’re ready for it.

Now that you’ve gone through this quiz, you’re ready to decide to make a decision: Yes or No. In case it’s a yes, you might want to start thinking about the best names for your third child!?

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