Where to Donate Strollers – 9+9 Places (incl. Near You)

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Every parent with a baby or toddler can’t imagine life without a stroller. But, what do you do with it once your child outgrows it? When you know where to donate strollers, you can hand over this baby item knowing it’s going to good use.

After doing some research and asking around, I’ve come up with nine places to donate your stroller to a Mom who would appreciate it. I’ve also added locations near you in some popular cities, such as NYC, Seattle, San Diego, Calgary, and also some states. 

9 Places to Donate Strollers

1. Loadup

If you’re looking for the easiest solution, then LoadUp is the place. This junk-removal company will haul away just about everything including your unused stroller. They charge a fee for picking it up and depending on the condition of the stroller, they’ll donate it to a worthy cause or recycle it. 

2. Donation Town

Donation Town has a list of all the charities throughout the United States and Canada that will gladly accept most gently used baby items. Contact the organization and schedule for a free pick-up when you’re ready to donate your stroller.

3. Free Groups

Facebook groups who are looking for free items to pass on to families in need is a good way of supporting your local community. The Freecycle Network is another platform promoting giving away good second-hand stuff so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. 

4. BabyGoRound

For parents living in Canada, consider donating your stroller to BabyGoRound. This organization was first opened in 2012 by a mother who wanted to donate her gently used baby gear but couldn’t find a suitable place in her area. BabyGoRound was born and most items for newborns up to two year olds are accepted.

5. Local Charities

No matter what state you’re living in the U.S. you’re bound to find a local charity looking for new and used baby goods including strollers. I’ve listed some of these charities below as additional places to donate strollers. But, you could also do a Google search for charities requesting strollers in your local area. 

6. Goodwill

The mission of Goodwill is to help people thrive so that they may find a job, succeed in their careers, and support their families. One of the ways they achieve this goal is by asking for donations, either financially or with stuff such as gently used children’s items. These items are sold to generate revenue to support the community. 

Go to Goodwill and find a location near you so you can donate your stroller for a good cause. 

7. 1-800-Junk-USA

1-800-Junk-USA is another junk removal agency that operates in all 50 states of the USA. They’ll come to your property and haul away all items including your stroller. If it’s in good condition they’ll donate it to a worthy cause for you, saving you the hassles of trying to find a place to take it. 

8. The Salvation Army Thrift Shops

With over 7,000 locations throughout the United States, you could consider donating your stroller to one of The Salvation Army thrift shops. All proceeds made in these shops is used to support the charity’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers throughout the country. 

9. Donate Stuff

While currently only operating in six regions throughout the United States, Donate Stuff is continuously expanding their services. Whenever you’re ready to donate your stroller check in with this company to see if they’re operating in your area. The goods are collected from your home and donated to a number of charities throughout the nation. 

Additional Locations to Donate a stroller Near You (Popular Cities and States)


  • Room to Grow: Families in need of baby items and gear for children up to three years old. 
  • Little Essentials: Have supported 45,000 children in NYC over the past 10 years living in poverty conditions. 
  • NYC Mammas Give Back:  Help moms and families facing homelessness in the city. 


San Diego

Los Angeles


  • The Kid’s Pantry: They often get requests from families searching for double strollers, so if you’re ready to discard your twins’ stroller, this is the place to take it to. 
  • Sharing Connections: Supporting and giving hope to struggling families throughout Chicago. They accept a wide range of items from household goods to baby items.
  • Share Our Spare: Focuses on supporting children up to five years old. Its mission is to help these young children thrive in an otherwise difficult environment such as families living in poverty.


  • UMOM New Day Centers: This organization was founded in 1964 and its focus is to help families facing homelessness by providing shelter, housing, as well as services. 


  • Mother and Child Education Center: By donating to this center, you’ll be supporting local parents facing hard times and in need of baby items for their children from newborn to 12 years old.

Calgary (Canada)

  • Calgary Donations: Will pick up your gently used stroller to donate to worthy charities such as MOMS Canada. 
  • Made By Momma:  Providing nourishing meals to Calgary families in need but also accepting donations of strollers and other baby gear. 

How to Find Places for Donating a Stroller Near You

While reading my article is (always 🙂 ) a good place to start your search for finding the right location for donation, Google Search is another great tool. Here are some other options for doing your search:

  • Speak to friends or relatives who have donated their children’s goods. Find out who they approached or how they found a place to donate their stroller.
  • Talk to other parents in your local area. Moms and dads of older children often give away baby items and they could advise on where to donate your gently used strollers. 
  • Visit community centers in your location. A noticeboard could have information about local charities looking for donations of strollers. 
  • Your child’s daycare center may be able to assist with names of places looking for strollers. 
  • Speak to your local recycling center. They’re always looking for items to either recycle or upcycle and your stroller may be just the item they need. 
  • Local baby wellness centers may also have a list of places seeking donations of strollers and other gently used baby items. 

Other ways of finding places to donate your stroller could be found by posting on your Facebook page. You’ll be surprised how many people will be able to assist you with your request!

Alternatives (Almost Equivalent to Donating!)

1. Offering it to Your Family and Friends in Need

You’ll have to be sensitive about not insulting a relative or your BFF by giving them a hand-me-down baby item, but if it’s done gently your child’s stroller will be much appreciated. 

Moreover, you might have an expensive stroller which you might not want to simply donate to an unknown person. Instead, some of your friends or family members might be able to keep benefiting from the high quality, and durability which are usually associated with such strollers.

2. Keeping it For Your Next Child

If you’re planning to expand your family and the stroller is still in good nick, then hold onto it for your next child. 

3. Recycle It

Recycling your stroller is a good option when it’s no longer in good condition and not suitable for donating to family, friends, or a charity. 

Can I Donate Car Seats, Pack n’ Play, Etc at These Places?

Most of the places mentioned in this article will accept pack n’ plays and other baby items with the exception of used car seats. All baby gear donated must be in good condition, fully functional, and clean. Some organizations won’t accept baby gear from a smoking household. Donations of new car seats will be accepted at most places. 

Reasons for Getting Rid of a Stroller

1. Expired Stroller

While most manufacturers don’t stipulate an expiry date on strollers, they do stress the importance of the weight and height of the child. If your child exceeds the recommended weight and height measurements for the stroller, then consider it expired. 

2. Child Outgrowing the Stroller

By the time your child is three years old, they’re ready to leave behind their stroller. At around this age, they’re more independent and want to walk rather than be strapped into a stroller.

3. Damaged Stroller

If your stroller is damaged beyond repair then it’s a good idea to discard it by giving it to a recycling company. A damaged stroller is no longer safe to use so don’t be tempted to keep it! 

4. Twins Joining the Family

Your first child’s stroller will be no use to you if your next bundle of joy ends up being twins. This is a good enough reason for getting rid of your stroller so you can purchase a double stroller

Wrap Up

With so many places needing baby items, deciding where to donate strollers is easy enough to do. Pick a charity that appeals to you or donate to someone in your close circle of friends or family to simplify their parenting lives.

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