SNOO alternatives – Is Cheaper Better?

Snoo sleeping bassinet comparison

Are you looking for SNOO alternatives, potentially cheaper ones?  

The most effective way to get a handle on your baby’s sleep routine and to ensure you get some much-needed sleep is to invest in a smart bassinet. A smart bassinet is a sleeper that combines a gentle rocking motion with a variety of white noise to soothe your little one till they fall asleep.

One of the most popular smart sleepers is the SNOO Smart Bassinet. However, the biggest drawback to the SNOO is the incredible price tag.  

This begs the question: are there SNOO alternatives that are more affordable that offer similar features and perhaps even better? In case in the end you do want to get a SNOO, I also give you a surprisingly cost-effective solution (at the end of the article). Let’s find out how a smart bassinet is within your reach!

My Top Picks

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet 

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison , 19 D x 26 W x 41 H Inch (Pack of 1)

Popular baby gear brand Graco leaps into the smart bassinet arena with this model. Its Cry Detection Technology features a microphone that’s designed to detect your baby’s cries. The bassinet then responds with an option of 3 different speeds, white noise, 2-speed vibration, 10 sleepy songs and 10 soothing sounds. The bassinet can monitor the combination that works best for your little one. 

I compared this product in another article: Graco Sense2Snooze vs SNOO which you might want to check out.

Who’s It For

Can be used from birth till about 6 months.

Why You Should Consider It

Graco provides a head-to-toe rocking motion to assist with soothing your baby back to sleep. The parent mode option saves your baby’s favorite soothing settings to use every time your little one fusses. 


  • Mesh sides provide visibility and breathability
  • Reversible canopy shields baby from light
  • Integrated storage pockets 


  • Soothing tunes can be too loud
  • No back wheels, hard to adjust 
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4moms mamaRoo Bassinet

4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, Supports Baby's Sleep with Adjustable Features - 5 Motions, 5 Speeds, 4 Soothing Sounds and 2 Heights

One of the most popular SNOO alternatives new parents are currently excited about is the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. The smart technology on this model features 4 unique soothing sounds which are FAN, shh, rain and ocean. 

Like the SNOO and the Graco, this model features mesh sides for sufficient airflow and visibility. Since this unit is Bluetooth enabled, parents can easily control all the features via the 4moms app. MammaRoo is a popular alternative because it’s less than half the price of a SNOO!

I compared 4moms mamaRoo vs Graco Sense2Soothe before – might be a worthwhile read.

Who’s It For

Suitable for babies aged newborn to 25lbs or 6 months when your little one starts getting too active to lie still.

Why You Should Consider It

Not only is the mamaRoo a viable alternative for SNOO, but it also retails at a considerably cheaper price. Additionally, the mamaRoo has a nifty feature that the Snoo doesn’t – a timer controlled on the app helps parents establish a bed or naptime routine and thereby improves sleep!


  • Bassinet is easily controlled features using the app
  • The mattress follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Bassinet has a height adjustment for better visibility


  • Doesn’t have a SNOO sack, so the baby still rolls around
  • Mattress may be uncomfortable for some babies 
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HALO BassiNest 

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Baby Bassinet, Soothing Center, Vibration and Sound, Luxe Plus Series, Ivory Linen

Retailing at almost half the cost of a SNOO, the HALO BassiNest Luxe is the only bassinet in the smart sleeper category that features a 360° swivel. Halo has a patented lowering bedside wall that makes it easier for parents to care for their little one directly from their bed. This is a great bassinet feature for mom’s recovering from their C-section as there’s no need to stretch to reach their baby. 

Like the other smart bassinets, there are soothing sounds and motions to calm your baby when they’re fussing. HALO goes a step further by adding an amber night and floor light for you to tend to the baby without having to use the main light. 

Many are thinking about getting a HALO or SNOO Smart Sleeper – both are great options and probably it’ll come down in the end to the price difference between these two.

Who’s It For

Recommended for babies from birth up to 5 months or an average of 20 lbs.

Why You Should Consider It

HALO is very economical in comparison to the SNOO. Its added features make this a definite alternative. Mom’s who are recovering from their C-section will also benefit from this bassinet as it’s easy to open the side to check on your baby. 


  • A four-point base provides stability 
  • Compact – fits into small spaces
  • Sounds have auto-shut off


To see just how compact and easy to use the HALO bassinet is, watch this short clip!

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Chicco Close To You Bassinet 

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet, Portable Newborn Bassinet with Wheels, Adjustable-Height Changing Table | Heather Grey/Grey

As yet another affordable SNOO alternative, the Chicco Close To You Bassinet offers a 3-in-1

Bedside bassinet. It serves as a portable bassinet, bedside sleeper and an adjustable changing station. 

A modern electronic module features 2 vibration settings, a nightlight and 6 different melodies to choose from when selecting your baby’s favorite calming noises. Machine washable, zip-off fabrics make cleaning a breeze! 

Who’s It For

Recommended for babies from newborn to 25 lbs or an average of 6 months. 

Why You Should Consider It

The Chicco can be easily used as a changing table which means you don’t have to move your baby to change them. This alternative is convenient and compact!


  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Dual-function brake to allow moving from room to room
  • Height adjusts to allow for use as a changing table


  • No sleep safe approved sheets
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Why Do You Need a SNOO Alternative? 

You might ask why consider an alternative if the SNOO smart sleeper is so great and has the best features to get your baby to sleep. Well, there are a few reasons to consider. 


The alternatives I mentioned are much more affordable than the SNOO. If you’re a parent on a budget then you may want to consider buying one of the bassinets I mentioned above. The reason for this is quite simple. 

New parents are faced with many additional costs to their estimated “baby requirement” budgets. Baby toiletries, diapers, strollers, high chairs, booster seats and cribs for their little ones are just a few of the many expenses that will have to be considered. This might leave some budgets very thinly stretched. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to consider alternatives that can perform the same functions at a fraction of the cost of a SNOO smart bassinet. Just to give you an idea, on average, the alternatives listed in this review are at least a third of the price of a SNOO. 

Considering your baby will be too big for the bassinet at some point, it might be a good idea to purchase a SNOO alternative. This will free up your budget to use on more sustainable items like a quality crib and blankets, a toddler bed or even a high quality wooden high-chair. 

More Functions 

Another reason to consider alternatives is the features and functions they might have that you won’t find in a SNOO. 

Some of these features include the following:

  • The Chicco transforms into a changing table with height adjustment allowing you to stand or sit as you change your baby
  • The Halo has one of the mesh sides that open up on the side, making it easy for moms recovering from C-sections to comfortably tend to their baby in the bassinet
  • The mamaRoo has a timer on the mama app that helps you establish baby’s sleeping routines so that you can plan everything else around these times
  • The Halo has a swivel feature allowing you to move the bassinet around without waking your little one. It can also be removed from its stand for more transportability

Compatibility with Baby Monitors 

Some parents would be more comfortable syncing and connecting all their smart gadgets to streamline the baby caring process. It might be a good idea to check if your smart baby monitor is compatible with your smart bassinet. 

For example, you might ask: which baby monitor works well with SNOO? Surprisingly, not all work well.

If a baby monitor works, you’ll be able to control and customize both devices using one of the relevant apps. Smart baby monitors allow you to observe your little one from anywhere. If you sync a smart monitor to your smart bassinet, you’ll be able to observe your little one’s reaction to the soothing option offered by the bassinet. It’s definitely an option to look into if you’re considering one of the SNOO alternatives. 


When Should You Stop Using the SNOO? 

The creator of the SNOO smart bassinet, Dr. Karp, recommends that your baby stops using the bassinet at about 6 months of age. This is because babies around 6 months start getting on their knees and may try to get up and end up falling out of the bassinet. It’s also important to know that the SNOO has a weight limit of 25 lbs. 

Are There SNOO Fitted Sheet Alternatives? 

The manufacturers of SNOO, Happiest Baby’s recommend using their branded SNOO Bassinet Fitted Sheet. The reason for this is quite simple. Their 100% organic sheets are designed to perfectly fit the SNOO mattress. 

This is important because an alternative sheet could be loose and excess fabric could cause bunching under or around your baby. This becomes a safety concern as your baby could become entangled in the sheets. 

Wrap up 

There’s no doubt about it. The SNOO smart sleeper bassinet is an amazing product! Its features and SNOO sack make this product a cut above the rest. The reality, however, is that the majority of new parents can’t afford such a high-market item. 

There are two ways you could still afford one: buying a used SNOO or renting one.

It’s clear that the SNOO alternatives I presented are equally well crafted, with the same, if not more useful features but with more cost-effective price tags. Choosing any one of the four alternatives listed here should easily ensure your baby a comfortable and restful sleep. Another up and coming brand is Cradlewise which I compared with SNOO, however I wouldn’t really go for that one since it’s not even on the market (at the time of this writing).

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